Mailing lists

Our integrated communications strategy is focused on creating the right message delivered using the right channel at the right time for maximum effectiveness.

The AAD Communications Office have access to up-to-date mailing lists for student and staff groups; by college roles, by division, department and faculty roles, and UAS. Contact us to discuss a targeted email circulation. The team offers guidance on:


  • Who do you need to reach in order to achieve your objectives?
  • Which audiences have the greatest power to affect your success?
  • Which audiences have influence, both positive and negative?

Whether you want to reach a particular department or division, attract students, researchers or academics, or a much broader audience, the more you focus on a specific audience and tailor your messages accordingly, the more successful you will be.


  • What are you trying to say?
  • Is your message clear?
  • Is your message tailored to the needs of your audience?


  • When will your message have the most impact?
  • What else is happening across the collegiate University?

Plan ahead. The AAD Communications Office will guide you on the timeline for your message.