Measuring engagement

The AAD Communications team uses a variety of tools to measure the effectiveness of communications activities. 

Web analytics

Monitoring website interactions provides valuable information for improving the visitor experience - from site re-structure or content updates, to information on device or browser usage, or jump on or off pages. Additional site usage needs can be met through tools such as ‘Rate this Page’ or feedback submissions.

Contact the AAD Communications team for guidance on setting up web analytics or assistance on interpreting statistics.


Surveys can be a useful tool for measuring engagement with a specific initiative, project or event. Building a good survey that produces useful results needs careful planning. The University has a Bristol Online Surveys (BOS) licence for staff. Contact us for guidance on setting up and creating surveys that meet your needs.

Monitoring readership/attendance

To ensure AAD channels remain relevant and engaging for staff and students, the AAD Communications team monitors readership and attendance in order to continually develop our channels. Contact us to discuss your AAD News Alert or Student News item readership, or website engagement. 

Student Advisory Group

If you are interested in gathering qualitative data, the Student Advisory Group presents an opportunity to engage with students on your work face-to-face and to receive direct feedback. If you would like to consult with students on a project or initiative, contact us to set up a focus group.