The Language Centre

Foreign language and academic English skills are of crucial importance to students and staff as part of their academic work and lie at the heart of the University’s international strategy. The Language Centre supports all members of the collegiate University who require foreign languages for study, research, academic exchange and personal and professional development, and who seek to improve their English for academic purposes, by providing courses and library resources.

Each year some 3,000 students, staff, academic visitors and partners use the Language Centre’s resources, whether taking courses in the 12 foreign languages on offer or using the library resources for independent study in over 200 languages. The Language Centre teaches over 170 courses each week in term-time, as well as intensive week and weekend courses outside term. During the Long Vacation, the Language Centre runs pre-sessional English language courses for international students, particularly incoming graduate students.

The Language Centre promotes innovation and excellence in language teaching and learning through the support of initiatives within the University and beyond, in order to develop and encourage language learning as an essential element to a university education and as a key skill for life-long learning. The Language Centre has strong links with the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, with which it shares six faculty language Instructors.