Maintaining student records

Undergraduate students

The Academic Records Office (ARO) is responsible for maintaining all undergraduate student records in eVision. College administrators can obtain Change of Circumstances forms and information about the student record maintenance process from the ARO WebLearn Site (this site is only accessible to University and College staff).

Once the ARO has processed a Change of Circumstances form, they will email relevant University administrators (including the University Card Office) and the student’s Faculty/Department and then pass the form on to the Fees Team who update Student Finance (if applicable) and update Composition Fees if necessary.

Graduate students

Course data for all graduate students is maintained by the relevant Graduate Studies Assistant. For further information on notifying/applying for a change of status please refer to the Graduate Progression Forms section.

If a Graduate Student requires a change to their personal details, please complete the Notification of Change of Personal Details form and return it to the relevant GSA.

College Migrations and Visiting students

Universtiy and College Staff should visit the ARO WebLearn Site for information on College Migrations (both undergraduate and graduate) and for information about Visiting Students.