Programme of study creation and maintenance

New programmes must be approved by the Education Committee and either be included in the Examination Regulations, or have appeared in the Gazette Notice.

The online Programme of Study Set Up form, available from the POS sharepoint site, is intended for use by authorised persons within departments and divisions. Programme of Study Notes of Guidance are available to accompany the form, as well as a Process Flowchart on undergraduate or postgraduate programme creation. For Continuing Education modular programmes the Programme of Study Set Up form requires details of assessment structure in order to create assessment items and units.

Information provided will initiate the creation of new undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in SITS:Vision, the student records system. Please ensure all sections of the form have been completed correctly and accurately, as approved by the division/Education Committee.

The information held will be used for the purposes of admission/application, configuration of University tuition fee rates, on course criteria (e.g. length of study), degree awards, statutory reporting to HESA and HEFCE, and for internal resource allocation. Programmes created will feed into other systems including (where relevant), OxCORT, EMBARK Online Applications, the University Card System, UCAS and the SLC Course database.