Degree Conferrals

The Degree Conferrals team organises matriculation and degree ceremonies and produces degree certificates and degree confirmation letters. Students will receive an email with instructions on how and when to book their degree ceremony via eVision, for undergraduate or Taught Master's students in Michaelmas term of their final year of study and for research students once they have been granted leave to supplicate. More information on degree ceremonies and details of forthcoming degree ceremony dates are available from the Degree ceremonies page of the Oxford Students website.

Once a student’s degree has been conferred at a degree ceremony either in person or in absentia, they will automatically receive a degree certificate. For more information on degree certificates, including how to order replacements for lost, stolen or damaged certificates or additional certificates, and how to order degree confirmation letters, visit the Degree certificate page of the Oxford Students website.

The team produces academic transcripts for students and provides the Diploma Supplement (an extended version of the academic transcript) to students who require this documentation to support applications to higher education institutions in Europe. Further information on academic transcripts, including how to order additional copies of final transcripts and on-course transcripts, and the Diploma Supplement is available from the Academic transcripts page of the Oxford Students website.

The Degree Conferrals team are able to verify degrees for employers and other higher education institutions. If you are an employer seeking to verify an Oxford qualification, see Verifying qualifications.