Examination administration: schedule of activities for 2016/17 academic year

Examination administration is managed centrally by a number of teams, requiring information from departments to be provided throughout the year as outlined in the schedule of examination activities. Departments should ensure they meet the deadlines specified below. For further queries please contact the relevant teams.

Schedule of activities

Activity Deadline Purpose Next steps
Assessment review
  • Core and Michaelmas term 2016 entry dates by Friday 2 September 2016 (provisional)
  • Hilary term 2017 and Trinity term 2017 entry dates by Friday 18 November 2016 (provisional)
To ensure all assessment structures are in place before the students enter online through Self-Service. The Academic Records Office (ARO) will contact examination administrators by the end of May to confirm when the Assessment Review window will open and the schedule for the 2016/17 academic year.
Examination entry dates Friday 17 June 2016 To ensure all examination entry dates are scheduled at the appropriate time before any work is submitted or examinations sat. ARO will contact examination administrators by the end of May to confirm the schedule for the 2016/17 academic year.
Examiner appointments Saturday 1 October 2016 To ensure all examiners are approved prior to commencing work for the Examination Board. The Examinations and Assessment (E&A) team will send nomination forms out in Trinity term 2016/Long Vacation 2016.
SharePoint contacts Friday of Week 4, Michaelmas term (4 November 2016) To ensure departments can be contacted regarding alternative arrangements and Factors Affecting Performance applications. Email will go out from E&A in early Michaelmas term 2016 to current contacts.
Examination Board meeting dates for interim and final meeting Tuesday of Week 7, Michaelmas term (25 November 2016) Information on Examination Board dates help plan workloads for Factors Affecting Performance applications, results processing and preparing for degree ceremonies. Interim boards where marks will be released must be notified by this deadline. E&A will send out spreadsheet to be completed by department/faculty in early Michaelmas term 2016.
Assessor appointment Friday 24 March 2017 To ensure all assessors are approved prior to commencing marking. E&A will send out nomination forms in Trinity term 2016/Long Vacation 2016.
Examination papers 5 weeks before examination for standard papers; 9 weeks before examination for Braille papers To allow sufficient time for the checking and printing of papers before the examination. The department/faculty are responsible for sending papers to the E&A Examination Operations team before the deadline.
Exam timetable confirmation 5 weeks before examinations start To allow sufficient time to make adjustments and publish final timetables. E&A will send draft timetable to the Chair and administrators.
Exam script delivery and examiner contact 2 weeks before examinations start To ensure examiners can be contacted for queries during examinations and for efficient distribution of scripts for marking. Proforma will be sent to Chair and administrators with draft timetable.