Student records

Undergraduate student records

The Academic Records Office (ARO) is responsible for updating the undergraduate student on-course records in the University's student record system, eVision. Changes, which include programme transfers, suspension of status and withdrawals should be channelled through the college (or department for students without a college) who will then notify the ARO of the required changes. Contact the ARO with queries related to updating undergraduate student records.

College administrators can obtain Change of Circumstances forms and information about the student record maintenance process from the ARO WebLearn Site (accessible only to University and college staff). Once the ARO has processed a Change of Circumstances form, they will email relevant administrators, including the University Card Office and the student’s faculty/department, and then pass the form on to the Student Fees and Funding team who update Student Finance and Composition Fees if necessary.

Graduate student records

Graduate Studies Assistants (GSAs) in divisions and departments are responsible for updating graduate student on-course records, including programme transfers, suspension of status, withdrawals and research student examinations (thesis titles, examiner appointments, etc). Contact the appropriate GSA by using the contact list located on the Oxford Students website. For further information on notifying/applying for a change of status please refer to the Graduate Progression Forms section.

Graduate student records are maintained in the University's student record system, eVision, while graduate supervision records are held in the Graduate Supervision System (GSS). The Data Quality Team is responsible for monitoring graduate records to ensure consistency of process, supporting GSAs and administration of GSS.

Updating personal data

Students can update some of their personal data themselves in Student Self Service, including their preferred name, next of kin details and contact details.  The Academic Records Office (ARO) can update name, gender and other personal details. Contact the ARO for assistance in updating student personal data. A summary of the University's policy on recording and reporting on student gender is available in the following PDF: Gender in the Student Record (273kb)

Information on student data security is available on the Oxford Students website. If a graduate student requires a change to their personal details, please complete the GSO.30 Notification of Change of Personal Details form which can be found on the Graduate Progression Forms section and return it to the relevant Graduate Studies Assistant.

Course records

Programme records are created and maintained by the Data Quality Team.  Assessment records for taught courses are maintained by the Academic Records Office.

Reference data

Reference data is jointly maintained by Data Quality Team and the Student Systems Support Centre.

A guide to University student statuses and how these relate to a student’s entitlement to attend lectures and receive tuition, as well as accessing facilities and services, is available at the following link: Guide to Student Statuses 2018 v1 (68kb)

Student assessments

For taught students, the Academic Records Office (ARO) administers the entry of students onto assessments and processes the release of marks and outcomes provided by Examination Boards.  Research student examination records are managed by the Examination and Assessment's Research Degree team