Student contracts and forms

This section contains essential forms for the enrolment and registration of students.

Students who have been successful in their application to Oxford University, should be sent an offer letter outlining any conditions they need to satisfy and any actions they need to take, together with any associated deadlines. The student's offer letter constitutes their formal offer of a place at the University of Oxford. The letter will set out any conditions they need to make to have their place confirmed and should ask whether they wish to accept the offer of a place made to them. If the student accepts the offer they will enter into a contract with the University. They will need to read the offer together with the University of Oxford Terms and Conditions, the University Student Handbook and the relevant Course Information Sheet. By accepting their offer they confirm their agreement to the terms set out.

When the student has met all the conditions, academic and financial, they should be sent a Completion of Conditions letter together with the University card form.

Contractual information and guidance for students is available for reference from the Oxford Students website.

University of Oxford Terms and Conditions

Matriculated undergraduates and graduates

University Card Form

For undergraduate students, colleges should print the 2018/19 student form on yellow paper for distribution to new students. Students should then return the signed form to their college, for the college to forward on to the University Card Office. For graduate students, the 2018/19 form should be printed out on white paper. Once completed and signed, graduates should return the form to A/C Returns, University Offices, Oxford, OX1 2JD.

For more information on how to apply, visit the University Card webpages or contact us.

Direct Enrolment

The Direct Enrolment forms for B.Th., C.Th., Diploma in Legal Studies, Matriculated Non-Award Students and Registered Visiting Students have been replaced by Data Entry forms. These are available from the Graduate Admissions and Funding Handbook.

2nd BA Non-UCAS College Admissions

If you have accepted students to study for a 2nd BA outside of the normal UCAS route, contact Undergraduate Admissions for further information on how to register them.