Student Systems Steering Group

The Student Systems Steering Group reports to the Education IT Board and assists this board in setting priorities for the Education IT Programme. The responsibilities of the Steering Group are as follows:

  1. To gather opinion and feedback from the representative area and liaise with their representatives on the Education IT Board.
  2. To discuss project requests raised, to allow sufficient understanding of the impact and benefit of each change to allow prioritisation.
  3. To prioritise project requests raised and so influence the strategic direction of student systems.
  4. To receive regular reports from the Head of the Student Systems Support Centre regarding business as usual activities.

Whilst not responsible for the governance of Education IT Programme project delivery (this will fall to the individual Project Boards), the Steering Group will receive a high-level overview of the Education IT projects, via a single dashboard, for information purposes.



NameJob title
Jane Dale Senior Divisional Officer, Medical Sciences
Adam Evans Deputy Head of Student Fees and Funding
Peter Gambles Divisional Secretary, Department for Continuing Education
Dr Andy Garlick Assistant Registrar (Education), Social Science Division
Charles Greenhill Graduate Admissions Manager, Graduate Admissions
Gillian Hamnett Senior Tutor, Wolfson College
Jackie Hoyle Deputy Director of Student Administration (Registry), Student Administratio
Jared Hutchings Divisional Officer, MPLS Division
Alison Matthews Deputy Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach
John Nicholas Head of the Student Systems Support Centre
Padraig O'Connor Education Support Officer, Humanities Division
David White Director of Student Systems
Jeremy Welch Executive Secretary, Student Systems Steering Group
Alison Matthews Deputy Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach