Student surveys

The University undertakes the following applicant and University-wide student surveys to provide prospective and current students with an opportunity to have their say about Oxford. Results are used to identify strengths and weaknesses and to put in place changes to help improve the student experience of Oxford. A summary of each surveys findings is provided to Education Committee and Senior Tutors' Committee, and through membership of these committees, the Oxford University Student Union. Detailed data is distributed to specific central services, academic division offices, and to colleges, to disseminate and review as appropriate. Certain data is also available to staff from the restricted access AAD Weblearn Surveys site.

Students are able to view survey results from the Oxford Students website.

Departments and faculties also carry out surveys on individual courses and use lecture questionnaires to gain feedback on the quality of lectures. The views of students are represented by undergraduate and postgraduate Joint Consultative Committees (JCC). Colleges collect feedback from students through tutorial evaluation questionnaires, college questionnaires, students and Tutors/College Advisers meetings, and annual meetings between students and their Senior Tutor and/or Head of House.

Graduate applicants

The University conducts surveys of those who submit a complete graduate application, those who receive an offer and those who choose not to take up an offer. Further information and the results of the latest surveys are available on the Graduate Admissions website.

All full-time students: Student Barometer

The Barometer surveys full time undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research students. Final year undergraduates are excluded as they are surveyed in the National Student Survey (NSS). The survey is administered by an external company, i-graduate, and enables us to benchmark Oxford student responses against those of 120 other universities. The survey covers the whole student experience including application, teaching and pastoral support, and contains questions specific to both colleges and departments. The responses can be split by course, department, college and level of study. It is a key tool by which the University and colleges receive feedback on the student experience.

Undergraduate students

National Student Survey

A survey of all undergraduates in the final year of their course. Survey results are made available to the public through the Unistats website for those courses (expressed in JACS) that achieved a response rate of more than 50%.

Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education

The Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey asks what leavers were doing six months after they qualified from their course to provide detailed analysis of career paths.