About UAS

The central administrative sections of the University are collectively called University Administration and Services (UAS). UAS comprises structures to:

  • Support the University’s core academic purposes of teaching, learning and research
  • Ensure the University can meet the requirements of government, funding bodies and other external agencies
  • Facilitate the attainment of the objectives set out in the University’s Strategic Plan.

UAS comprises University-wide functions, encompassing the key areas of academic administration, research services, finance, personnel, estates, IT services and external affairs as well as a number of other functions. Further information about the work of each section, together with contact details and the profiles of the head of each section, can be found on the UAS sections page. The heads of UAS sections report directly to the Registrar, apart from the Director of Public Affairs and Communications, the Chief Development Officer, the Director of Alumni Relations and the Director of International Strategy, who report to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Development and External Affairs).

Role of the Registrar

The Registrar, Gill Aitken, is the senior administrator within the University.

The formal responsibilities of the Registrar, who is appointed by Council, are set out in the University’s Statutes and Regulations. This legislation defines the Registrar as the principal adviser on strategic policy to the Vice-Chancellor and to Council. The Registrar is also secretary to both Congregation and Council, and is responsible, under the Vice-Chancellor, for leading the management and administration of the University’s affairs.