Technical & Systems (TSYS)

The Technical and Systems Workstream (TSYS) encompasses the specification, deployment and support of the system infrastructure that underpins the SITS application, together with the technical standards for interoperability between systems, and policies for management of configurations and customisations.

The first six months of the Technical and Systems Workstream (July 2011 – Jan 2012) is focussed on ensuring that the system infrastructure is adequately specified and deployed for a production environment, and that the ongoing support model is fully understood and applicable.

The subsequent six months (Jan 2012 – July 2012) will primarily focus on the technical components relating to interfaces with other systems (and other forms of interoperability, in conjunction with the System Tools workstream) and custom developments, whilst maintaining oversight of the infrastructure and associated environments.

Read more about this Workstream: Technical and Systems Workstream (TSYS) Charter (526kb) (oxonly)

Progress update

For a progress update on this workstream, please see the Student Systems Programme news on Sharepoint.


This workstream is focussed in Years 1 and 2 on:

  • Define and seek agreement on the System Infrastructure Specification;
  • Oversee the infrastructure deployment and testing, ensuring adequate resource allocation;
  • Oversee the deployment of the SITS application;
  • Ensure a documented and readily understood support model and change management process for infrastructure and application support;
  • Identify (e.g. from other workstreams), prioritise and oversee systems integration, interoperability and custom developments (as agreed with workstream implementation leads and the Programme Sponsors);
  • Through the Technical Workstream Implementation Group (Twig) involve a broad range of senior IT staff in the workstream activities;
  • Contribute knowledge and expertise to other workstream activities, as requested;
  • Gain and share knowledge and expertise with other SITS institutions in the HE sector;
  • Participate in the Tribal Technical Working Group and StuTalk Working Group.


The Technical Workstream is now complete. The full membership was as follows:

Michael Fraser (Chair), Technical Programme Co-ordinator

Departments & colleges

  • Ben Bridle, Lady Margaret Hall & member of ICT Forum Steering Committee
  • Jeremy Worth, Archaeology & Chair, ICT Forum Steering Committee
  • Waldemar Schlackow, Maths
  • Greg Jennings, Hertford College

IT Services

  • Andrew Byerley
  • Richard McDonald
  • Chris Cattermole
  • Tony Brett
  • Dominic Hargreaves
  • Malcolm Howe

Student Systems Programme Core Team

  • Alison Rothera, Student Systems Programme Director
  • Victoria Brown, Head of Process and Change Management
  • Ciara Mahon, Programme Administrator, Secretary
  • Keith Zimmerman, Programme Sponsor, Director of Student Administration & Services
  • Mark Dyson, Data Management Analyst (SSP and LMH)


  • Chris Vowles, Technical Consultant
  • Tony Foster, Service Delivery Manager,Technology


The initial high level plan (milestone points) is outlined below:

ActivityOutput/MilestoneDelivery date
Infrastructure Specification Technical Audit workshop 22 July 2011
Infrastructure Specification Initial Systems Infrastructure Specification 10 Aug 2011
Infrastructure Specification Sign-off Systems Design Infrastructure Specification 30 Sept 2011
Infrastructure Procurement Additional hardware procured and on site 31 Oct 2011
Infrastructure Specification Agreed policy for application environment management 15 Nov 2011
Infrastructure Specification Agreed strategy for SITS:Vision client deployment and support 15 Nov 2011
Infrastructure Specification Agreed strategy for SITS document object store 15 Nov 2011
Application Deployment Agreed test plan for initial performance and load testing 30 Nov 2011
Infrastructure deployment SSP system infrastructure build and tested 30 Nov 2011
Interoperability Draft specification for strategy, standards and interfaces for interoperability 15 Dec 2011
Application deployment Installation of System on Infrastructure for production-quality development environment 16 Jan 2012
Application deployment System Infrastructure passes initial performance and load testing 31 Jan 2012
Configuration management Configuration management process agreed Feb 2012
Interoperability Integration with Single Sign On (SSO) April 2012
Interoperability Interface with Core User Directory (CUD) April 2012


Timings for workstream activity between July 2011 and July 2012 are as follows:

Workstream PhaseDescriptionTimeline
Infrastructure Specification Developing a detailed System Infrastructure Specification for sign-off by both Oxford and Tribal July – 30 Sept 2011
Infrastructure Build and Deployment Procurement, build, deployment and testing of infrastructure on which SITS will be deployed. 1 Oct to 30 Nov 2011
Handover and Support Completing documentation; defining infrastructure support and escalation process; Tribal installation of applications; ongoing support. 1 Nov 2011 to 31 July 2012
Configuration management Agreeing between customisation/development teams and application support the process for managing, deploying and testing changes across environments. Jan 2012 to July 2012
Interfaces/Interoperability This is a cross-workstream activity with a subgroup reporting to both TSYS and the TOOL workstreams. The initial priorities will focus on integration with identity and access management; understanding StuTalk (including evaluation of any additional 'middleware' solution(s) that may be required). Nov 2011 to July 2012