Kellogg College

Kellogg College is all based on one main site.

Due to the age and mix of the buildings within the College, not all of them are fully accessible. 

Make sure you check the second page with more information on bedrooms, social and teaching spaces.

The good news is that you can get to most of the major areas.  There are is also an accessible bedroom!



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There is disabled parking located at the front of the college, simply pull into the forecourt area in front of the large house and adjacent to the a stone ramp is a marked out area  including plenty of space to access your vehicle.

There is additional parking to the accessible accommodation, located off Bradmore Road, where there is also a forecourt adjacent to the house with plenty of space to park and access your vehicle.

City Council Disabled Parking Map (725kb)

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The main entrance to Kellogg is located between the two large houses, there is a link building and the entrance is located about halfway.  Simply follow the pathway(s) and look out for a large blue door under a small awning.

To get here from the accessible car parking space there is a pathway leading to the main entrance (between the two larger buildings).

The door is powered and is operated by a push button or an access card out of hours. Just watch out as there is a small metal lip that is quite subtle that some wheelchair users might bump into!

Once you are inside there is level access to most areas of the main college. 

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Accessible toilets

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There are 2 accessible toilets located on the main site. (In addition there are 2 accessible toilets in The College Hub - see page 2 for further information about The Hub).

There is one in the Geoffrey Thomas Building.  If heading from reception turn right and look to your right, you will see the platform lift, once out of the lift, turn right down the corridor, the toilet is located immediately on the right hand side.

The second accessible toilet is located adjacent the college offices.  Whilst it is further away from reception, if you are in hurry it might be quicker to use this as the lift isn’t involved!  Simply turn left and go up the ramped corridor ahead of you.  Follow the corridor round, you will come across a small seating area as you are about to enter the college offices, the toilet in located on the left handside. This toilet also has baby changing facilities.

There is (of course!) an additional private accessible toilet in the accessible accommodation.

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hearing loop

Hearing support system

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There is a hearing loop system in the Mawby function room.

There are no other hearing loops or portable systems.



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There is one lift on the site.

The platform lift is located just behind reception en route to the bar and dining spaces. This carries users from the ground floor of the main college building to the ground floor of Geoffrey Thomas Building- which contains the library, the College Lounge, a toilet block and some additional offices.

As it is a platform lift, the user must keep the buttons pressed during travel, the doors are not automated so you will hear a click and simply push them open, they are very light!

There are no other lifts on site but thankfully all the areas you need to access publically are located on the ground floor.

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opening hours

Opening hours

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The reception is staffed from 08.30-19.15 Monday to Friday , thereafter the college is open via card access and therefore 24 hours a day.

The reception staff can be contacted on 01865 612000.


Inaccessible areas

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Whilst this list may look like a lot of buildings, all the essential parts of college life are accessible in the main building. If you require facilities that are inaccessible the college will put in to place measures to bring the services to you if you cannot access them.

9/10 Bradmore Road - upper floors only

11 Bradmore Road 

38 Norham Road

64 Banbury Road

Geoffrey Thomas Building - upper floors only

College Offices- upper floors only


Main Building

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Geoffrey Thomas Building

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This building contains:


College Lounge

Accessible WC


College Offices

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This building contains:

Seminar room

Accessible WC


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At a glance

On-site disabled parking spaces 1
Parking nearby (within 200m) Pay and Display
Main entrance Level
Door entry Powered
Direct contact to reception Yes
Number of floors 3
Accessible toilets 4
Lift to all floors No
Hearing support system Yes