74 High Street

Ruskin School of Art - studio spaces, Old Masters Studio, seminar room, library and administration offices

The building is arranged over four floors. Due to the age and layout of the building, it is only partially accessible. The ground floor and basement are accessible for wheelchair users, although many people will need some assistance to use the heavy doors leading from the accessible entrance to ground floor. The first and second floors can only be reached by stairs. The new Ruskin School of Art building at Bullingdon Road is very accessible and students are able to make use of the facilities there.



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There is no parking on site for students or staff. There is nearby blue badge parking available – see map for details.

In certain circumstances, students may be able to use a parking space belonging to Exam Schools – the building next door. However, this is only available on an occasional one-off basis. Please contact the department directly to discuss this.

Oxford city center blue badge parking map (725kb)



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The main entrance of the building is on High Street and has four steps up to a small landing, then one further step up to an access controlled door.

There is an accessible entrance shared with Exam Schools next door. The entrance is in between Exam Schools and Ruskin School of Art. The ramp leads to access controlled powered doors – department members will be able to use their Bodleian Card to gain entrance. There is also an intercom here that will connect you to a member of staff during opening hours – it is advisable to use this to request assistance with the heavy doors leading into the ground floor. The intercom and card reader are at an accessible height for wheelchair users.

Once inside the entrance you will see a ramp to the right – this takes you through to Exam Schools. There is a lift ahead of you which you can use to access the basement floor of Ruskin School of Art and Exam Schools. Go past the lift to the left and you will see wooden double doors leading into Ruskin School of Art. These doors are heavy and some wheelchair users may find it hard to use these independently – as noted it is advisable to request assistance via the intercom. Staff will be happy to help.

If you take the lift to the basement, entrance to Ruskin School of Art is through an access controlled manual door.

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There is a platform lift connecting the ground floor and the basement. There are manually operated doors either side of the lift to cope with the slight change in levels on the ground floor and basement. The call buttons outside the lift must be held down until the lift arrives. There is plenty of room for manoeuvring inside the lift. There is no audio information. There are LEDs on the lift buttons to indicate what floor you are on.

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Accessible toilets

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There is one accessible toilet in the Ruskin School of Art basement area. The toilet is in the central lobby area between the studios.  There is a door into the toilets which is usually held open. The gender neutral toilets are on the right; the accessible toilet is on the left. This has a bi-fold door which some people may find harder to use.

There is an additional accessible toilet in the Exam Schools side of the basement area. As there is a slight change in levels in the basement, make sure that you exit the lift into the lower area. The accessible toilet will be ahead of you. This has a standard door which some people may find easier to use. If you are in Ruskin School of Art you will need to come through the access controlled door into Exam Schools to use this toilet – come through the door, turn right, go past the lift and the accessible toilet will be on the left.

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hearing loop

Hearing support system

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There are no hearing support systems in place. If you will need to use a hearing support system such as an induction loop, please contact the department in advance so that arrangements can be made.

opening hours

Opening hours

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Term time:

Mon- Fri    09:00 - 21:15 (week 1 to 9)

Sat           09:00 - 13:15 (week 1 to 8)

Sunday     Closed

Vacation Hours:

Mon-Fri     09:00 - 17:00

Sat           Closed

Sun          Closed

Post-graduate students can have access outside of these hours by arrangement. 


Inaccessible areas

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The first and second floors can only be reached using the stairs and are therefore inaccessible for some people with disabilities. Students can also use facilities at 128 Bullingdon Road which is a very accessible building. It is advisable to discuss your access needs with the department if you have any questions.



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At a glance

On-site disabled parking spaces 0
Parking nearby (within 200m) Blue Badge
Main entrance Not level
Alternative entrance (level access) Yes
Door entry Powered
Direct contact to reception Intercom
Number of floors 4
Accessible toilets 1
Lift to all floors No
Hearing support system No