St Cross Building

Bodleian Law Library, English Faculty Library, Faculty of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Law (including Centre for Criminology, Institute of European and Comparative Law, and Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre)

Most of the building is accessible, although there are some areas that are currently inaccessible for wheelchair users and people with mobility impairments. There is a level entrance with powered doors and a passenger lift to all floors.

The St Cross Building also houses the main libraries for the Faculty of English and the Faculty of Law. Follow the links below for further information:

English Faculty Library

Bodleian Law Library



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There are four accessible parking spaces available: one in front of the building, one along the left hand side of the building and two at the rear. Please bear in mind that three of these spaces are shared with the nearby Manor Road building. It is advisable to book a parking space in advance by contacting the Porters' Lodge on 01865 271 481 or

All parking in the St Cross Building car park is for University car park permit holders only.

Additional parking is available nearby subject to blue badge regulations.

Oxford city centre blue badge parking map  (725kb)

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There is a wide external central staircase which takes you to the main entrance and reception on the first floor - this is not accessible for wheelchair users and those with mobility impairments. The stairs do not have any contrasting nosings which may make using them difficult for people with a visual impairment. 

There is an accessible entrance on the ground floor. As you are looking at the external staircase, the accessible entrance is to the right and is signposted. This entrance is slightly below ground level and is reached via a gently sloping ramp or a short flight of stairs. The ramps is to the right hand side and is indicated by blister paving. There are no hand rails on the ramp. The stairs are straight ahead and are indicated by tactle paving. There are no handrails or contrasting nosings ont the stairs.

At the bottom of the ramps the the doors are ahead of you and to the right. If you are using the stairs, the doors will be straight ahead. The doors are powered and operated using a proximity card. You will need to get your Bodleian card added to the system - if this has not been done use the intercom to the main reception. During staffed hours someone will be able to assist you. 

Once inside the doors, take the first left, go straight ahead and the main lift will be in front of you. If you need to get to the main reception, take the lift to the first floor, exit the lift, go past the entrance to the English library and the reception desk will be straight ahead of you on the right hand side. 

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There are several lifts throughout giving access to most areas in the building.

Main passenger lift:

If entering the building through the accessible entrance, turn left into the lobby area. The passenger lift will be straight ahead. This lift gives access to all three floors of the building (but not the intermediate level between ground and first floor - see below). The lift has tactile buttons, audio information and a hearing loop. (On the second floor the lift brings you directly into the cafe seating area - there should be a clear route through here, but as the tables and chairs are freestanding you may need to ask people to move!).


If you need to use the stairlift lift please contact the Porters' Lodge in advance as the lift is not able to carry some heavier powered chairs. It is hoped that this problem will be resolved in the near future.

The Gulbenkian Lecture Theatre and White & Case Lecture Room (Law), and Seminar Room K (English) are on an intermediate level between the ground and first floors. This intermediate level can be accessed via a stairlift located on the ground floor in the lobby area by the main passenger lift. Please note that there is no lift from the intermediate level up to the first floor - you will need to return to the ground floor and use the passenger lift. 

Other lifts:

There is a lift that links the area outside The Cube on the ground floor with the Faculty of Law administrative offices on the first floor. This is smaller than the main passenger lift although should be suitable for most wheelchair users. Larger wheelchairs may not fit inside this lift. The lift has tactile buttons, audio information and a hearing loop. This lift can be used if you need level access to the Faculty of English academic offices and graduate common room - please contact the Porters' Lodge in advance to arrange this. 

Finally, there are lifts in both the Bodleian Law and English Faculty libraries . See library pages for more information. 

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Standard toilets

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There are toilets on all floors of the building apart from the third floor. The first floor has several gender neutral toilets. 


Accessible toilets

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There are several accessible toilets spread throughout the building.

Ground floor:

The accessible toilet is in the lobby next to the main passenger lift.

First floor:

The are two blocks of WCs either side of the entrance to the Centre for Criminology. The accessible toilet in is the block on the right hand side.  

Second floor:

Exit the library, turn right through the door and the accessible toilet is straight ahead at the end of the corridor. 

Third floor:

There are no standard or accessible toilets on the third floor.

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hearing loop

Hearing support system

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There is a hearing loop system at the main reception. There is also a hearing loop system in The Cube.

There are infrared hearing systems in the following rooms:

  • Seminar Room A (English)
  • Seminar Room K (English)
  • White & Case Lecture Room (Law)
  • Gulbenkian Lecture Theatre (Law)
  • English Lecture Theatre
  • Graduate Workspace (English)
opening hours

Opening hours

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Term time

Monday to Friday: 9:00-22:00
Saturday: 10:00-19:00
Sunday: 10:00-19:00

Vacation time

Monday to Friday: 9:00-19:00
Saturday: 10:00-16:00
Sunday: CLOSED


Christmas break.
Good Friday to Easter Monday.
August Bank Holiday long weekend.


Inaccessible areas

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The main external staircase may be difficult to use for some people with mobility and visual impairments as they are very wide and do not have any contrasting nosings.

There is level access into the top levels of both the Gulbenkian and English lecture theatres - both also have desks with knee space at this top level which most wheelchair users should be able to use. However, there are no ramps meaning that the stage and most of the seating are inaccessible to wheelchair users and people with mobility impairments. Anyone needing access to the stage is advised to contact the relevant department to discuss alternative arrangements. 

The Cube (Faculty of Law) has two entrances - one leads onto a short flight of stairs and is not accessible for wheelchair users and some people with mobility impairments. The other door does have level access but manoeuvring space is very tight - some wheelchair users may struggle.  There are three levels of desks - two are on raised platforms and are not accessible for wheelchair users and some people with mobility impairments. The desks at ground level are rather narrow and are also not accesssible for wheelchair users - there is space in front of these desks. 



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At a glance

On-site disabled parking spaces 4
Parking nearby (within 200m) Pay and Display
Main entrance Level
Alternative entrance (level access) Yes
Door entry Powered
Direct contact to reception Intercom
Number of floors 3
Accessible toilets 4
Lift to all floors Yes
Hearing support system Yes