There is one car park which is shared between the Dunn School, OMPI, MSTC and EPA buildings.  If you are driving from the city centre, the car park is on the left hand side at the far end of South Parks Road (just past the William Dunn building). Entry to the car park is through a security barrier.  Press the buzzer on the right hand side to be let in.  The disabled space is then on the left hand side of the car park, at the end of the row.   



You can also access the EPA building from the ground floor lobby of the OMPI building. 


There is a standard lift with no audio or braille function. 

Accessible Toilets

There is an accessible toilet located off the ground floor entrance lobby. 

Standard Toilets

There are mens’ and womens’ toilets located directly off the ground floor entrance lobby. There is also a standard shower in each.

Hearing Support System

There is no hearing support available.

Inaccessible Areas


Reception Area


Most lab doors have long, narrow vision panels, and the door to the seminar room has a half-height panel in the top. 


Seminar Rooms

The main seminar room is on the second floor.  Taking the staircase furthest from the lift, come up the stairs and go through one door. The seminar room will then be on your left.  The route from the lift is more complicated.  Exit the lift and go through the door on your right, then turn left and go down to the end of the corridor. Turn left through one set of doors, and follow the corridor round to your right, past a small store cupboard.  Go through one door, and then turn immediately right to reach the seminar room. There are three manual doors on this route, not including the door to the room itself. Once inside there is moveable seating, and the presentation area at the front of the room is fully accessible.  The door to the seminar room is wooden, with a half-height vision panel.

The other room used for seminars is the round room, also on the second floor. From the lift lobby go out of the door on your right. The door to the round room will then be slightly to your right on the curved wall opposite. The round room is a relatively small space, and the large table in the middle makes it difficult for wheelchair users to manoeuvre. The chairs are moveable, but are quite heavy.

Reading Rooms

The library on the first floor is a working research library for members of the Dunn School, and is located next to the café.  It is very light, with large windows, and has no reception desk.  It is easy to move around the stacks, but users might need assistance reaching the higher books. The large study table should be at a comfortable height for most wheelchair users.

Common Room

The common room is on the first floor just outside the café. There is a mixture of moveable tables and chairs as well as fixed armchairs. The tables should be a comfortable height for most wheelchair users, although the arrangement of the table legs could prove tricky.  A large window along the side of the room lets in plenty of natural light.


The café is located on the first floor. Leave the lift and go through the first door on your right to get into the common room, and the café will be on your right hand side. To get to the café from the Dunn Building, cross the bridge from the central atrium. This is down a slight slope.   The café is a mixture of staffed and self-service, and you may need to ask for help getting items from the higher shelves of some refrigeration units. The service counter is the height of a kitchen countertop, and staff will serve you items from the display. There is no dropped height section at the counter.   Café furniture is moveable, and the tables a convenient height for most wheelchair users. However, the pedestal design of the tables could prove awkward. As one wall of the café is glass, there is quite a lot of natural light and reflection here. You can pass through an outer café area with tables and some bar style seating in order to get to the roof terrace.  Two manual glass double doors lead onto the roof. Seating on the terrace is moveable café furniture which should be a comfortable height for most wheelchair users, although the arrangement of the table legs could prove tricky.


Benches are largely standard height for labs, with some lowered sections for computer use.  There are no height adjustable lab benches or fume cupboards.  However, the office chairs used as lab stools are height adjustable.