24-29 St Giles'

Department of Statistics

The department is spread over 5 floors all of which are accessible to wheelchair users.  Teaching and communal areas are mainly on the ground floor and basement. 



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There is one Blue Badge parking space to the side of the building. This is accessed via Blackhall Road which is to the rear of the building. There is level access from this space to a powered door; you will need a proximity card to open this. It is advisable to book the parking space in advance by contacting reception on 01865 272 860 or reception@stats.ox.ac.uk. There are also several nearby Blue Badge spaces on St Giles, as well as pay and display parking. 

Oxford city centre blue badge parking map (725kb)

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The main entrance is reached via steps or a ramp. The steps are very wide with no contrasting nosings; there is a handrail on the far right hand side. The ramp is wide with handrails either side. Access to the building is via a proximity card for department members – this will also open the powered sliding doors. There is an intercom to contact reception if needed (staffed Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm) - this is at an accessible height for wheelchair users. Once inside the building, the reception desk is in front of you on the right hand side and has a lowered section at the far end.

There is an entrance to the rear of the building (from Blackhall Road). This has a powered door, although you will need a proximity card to open it and there is no intercom.

There is level access to a powered entrance door from the Blue Badge parking space. You will need a proximity card to open this door and there is no intercom. If you do not have card access, you can use the powered gate to the left of the parking space which will take you to the main entrance and intercom - there is a green push button to open this gate on the wall to the right.

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Once through the main entrance doors, the reception desk is ahead of you to the right. There is a lowered counter at the far end.

If you come in through the powered door by the Blue Badge parking  you will need to take the first (powered) door to the left to get to the reception desk.

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The main passenger lift provides access to all floors of the building. Go through the powered door opposite the reception desk, then turn right and you will see the main passenger lift on your right. This is a speaking lift giving a clear announcement of all floors and the closing and opening of doors. There is a loop system in the lift for hearing aid users. When the building is not staffed, a proximity card is needed to access the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors - the card reader is on the right just above the lift control buttons and is within easy reach for most wheelchair users. 

The basement is split across two levels with the lower area containing the teaching hall and lecture theatre. Access to this lower area is via a platform lift. Turn left out of the main passenger lift, then left again after the main stairwell to find the platform lift. 

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Accessible toilets and shower

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There are accessible toilets on all floors of this building. In addition, the accessible toilet in the basement has a level access shower, with a shower seat and grab rail.

On the ground floor the accessible toilet is opposite the main passenger lift/stairwell.

In the basement go to the end of the break out area (opposite the main lift/stairwell), then through the powered door – the toilet and shower is on the right.

The accessible toilets on the first, second and third floors are all in the same place next to the main lift/stairwell – exit the lift, turn right and the toilet will be in in front of you.

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Standard toilets

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Basement – to reach the men's toilets turn right from the main lift/stairwell. To reach the women's toilets go straight ahead from the main lift/stairwell through the break out area.

Ground floor –  there are two gender neutral toilets opposite the main lift/stairwell.

First floor – there is no standard toilet.

Second and third floor – turn right from the main lift/stairwell and one gender neutral toilet will be in front of you. 

opening hours

Opening hours

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Reception is staffed 09:00 - 17:00, Monday to Friday (apart from bank holidays). The reception closes over the Christmas break and the Easter break - please contact the department directly for closure dates. 

Department members are able to access the building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using a proximity card.


Inaccessible areas

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Good news - all areas of the building are accessible! 

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At a glance

On-site disabled parking spaces 1
Parking nearby (within 200m) Blue Badge
Main entrance Level
Alternative entrance (level access) Yes
Door entry Powered
Direct contact to reception Intercom
Number of floors 5
Accessible toilets 5
Lift to all floors Yes
Hearing support system Yes