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Coming through the main door, reception is immediately on your right hand side.  From the level entrance, go up in the lift to Level two.  Turn right, go down the ramp and into the resource room. Turn right in front of the stairs to the lower reading room, and go straight through the main reading room.  You will come out in the foyer area, and reception will be on your left.  The reception desk is at a low height, and is fitted with a counter loop. 

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The main stairs in the building are to the left of the accessible entrance.  They have contrasting tactile nosings, and a partial handrail on the left hand side (ascending).

The stairs to the lower reading room have contrasting tactile nosings, and a partial handrail on the right hand side (descending).

Seminar Room B is accessed by two steps with no handrail, and access to the education reading room is also stepped.

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The doors to the teaching labs and Seminar Room E are solid doors with no vision panels.  Most wheelchair users will be able to get through the width of a single door.  The door to the resource room is accessed using a swipe card or fob reader on the right hand side.   Seminar Room A is reached through heavy double doors with a small vision panel, and a revolving door provides direct access from the common room to the garden.

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Most areas of the library are on the first floor, with a small reading room on the ground floor. Exit the lift on the first floor and turn right to go down the ramp –the library is through the (manual) door ahead of you.

Or from the main entrance, the library is through the first (manual) door on your left.

There is an information desk which is at a wheelchair accessible height and also has a hearing loop.

Main Reading Room

Books are on high shelves that some people may find difficult to access – library staff will be happy to help.

There are several desks available, some with computers. The desks are at a good height for most wheelchair users.

There are 3 ergonomic chairs, as well as a daylight reading lamp available for use.

Education Reading Room

This is reached from the main reading room. There are 2 doors into this room, both accessed by 3 steps up. Both ways in have steps with contrasting edgings and a handrail.

Resource Room

This is a bookable room. The room can be booked online or by using the electronic booking screen located outside the room – while this is too high for wheelchair users to reach, staff at the library information desk are happy to arrange booking requests.

The furniture in the room can be rearranged as needed. The tables are at a good height for most wheelchair users.

Small Reading Room

This is on the ground floor and can only be reached via a flight of stairs. The stairs have contrasting edgings and a handrail on the right (descending).

There is a small collection of books here. There are 2 PCs and 2 Macs available for use here too. 

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seminar room

Seminar Rooms

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Seminar Room A – This is located on Level 0, to the right of the lift.  It is a large room with moveable chairs and accessible AV equipment.  There is plenty of space around the edge of the room, and a hearing support system is available.

Seminar Room B – This is adjacent to Seminar Room A, almost directly opposite the lift.  The only access to this room is by steps, but hearing support is available.

Seminar Room D – This is located on Level 1, right opposite the lift.

Seminar Room E – This is located on Level 3, next to the science teaching lab.  Exit the lift and turn left, and Seminar Room E is at the end of the corridor.  There is moveable furniture, but the tables might be a bit low for wheelchair users.

Teaching Lab – There is a door to this room from Seminar Room E, but access can be tight, so it might be better to come in from the corridor.  There are bar height tables with high stools, and the emergency eyewash kit is too high up for people in a wheelchair to reach. 

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Accessible Computers

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There are accessible computers available in the Main Reading Room and Resource Room.  Please see the 'Library' section above for more information. 

common room

Common Rooms

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The upper level of the Common Room can be reached from Level 0.  This has the toilets and a revolving door which provides access to the garden.  To get to the lower end of end of the common room, there are a few shallow steps with a handrail.  For level access, you will need to leave the building and come in again.  Exit the building via the accessible entrance and turn right.  There will be a door at the end of the building on the right hand side. This has a small lip, but provides level access to the bottom of the common room.

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To get to the garden, go around the left hand side of the building and past the accessible entrance, then keep going round to the right to reach the garden.  The path is packed earth and a good surface for wheelchairs, although it is quite narrow and can become muddy in wet weather.

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At a glance

On-site disabled parking spaces 1
Parking nearby (within 200m) Blue Badge
Main entrance Not level
Alternative entrance (level access) Yes
Door entry Manual
Direct contact to reception Intercom
Number of floors 5
Accessible toilets 1
Lift to all floors No
Hearing support system Yes