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There is a large reception desk adjacent to the main entrance. 

There is a hearing loop here, and a portable hearing loop can be collected from here.

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There are three stairs wells located in the Radcliffe Science Library

Main stair well:

High contrast nosing with tactile strips to indicate each step.  Continuous wooden railings on both the left and right hand side.

Secondary Stair well:

Black steps with silver nosing.  Railings on both the right and left hand side (only on ascending/descending portions of the stairs) 

Original Stone Stair well:

Step has no nosing or contrast. There is an ornate cast iron and brass railing on the left hand side (as you ascend) replaced by stone after the first floor. The railing is broken by large stone pillars at the corner of each turn.

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All doors in the library have glass windows to allow hazard free opening. Some of the doors are original and can be quite heavy for users with strength or dexterity issues.

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Reading Rooms

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All reading rooms:

Natural corridors are formed by book shelves and desks, some wheelchair users may have trouble turning in these spaces.

Caution is advised as obstacles such as pillars, chairs, bins, stools and portable shelving are found throughout the library.

The lower reading room:

Accessible via a power door (adjacent to the lift) and a gate controlled by desk staff.

There is low level ambient lighting which brightens (movement sensors) that may affect those with visual impairments.

Study carrels:

There are three study carrels on level 3 of the library next to the study room. The larger of the carrels has a height adjustable desk. All carrels are accessible, although those with larger wheelchairs may find it rather cramped in the smaller of the two carrels. All carrels are open to all readers, but priority booking is given to people with disabilities. Please contact enquiries.rsl@bodleian.ox.ac.uk or 01865 272800 to book.

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seminar room

Seminar Rooms

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There is a computer learning suite located on the ground floor at the far end of the attached wing 

Access is gained via the stairs (on the first floor) or level access is via a staff area (a Library staff escort is required)

There is an infra-red hearing system installed in this space.

There is an additional seminar room located on level 3.

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Accessible Computers

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There are two main computer clusters:

1. Opposite the main reception desk

2. Lower Reading Room.

The training room may also be used as a drop in computer cluster when not in use for teaching.

There are also individual computers available on every floor (except level 3).


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common room

Common Rooms

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There are vending machines up three steps located at the bottom of the stone stair well (far end of the attached wing).  These machines are not level access.

In addition, immediately to the left as you enter the main entrance is an area with tables, chairs and sofas.

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adapted furniture

Specialist equipment

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4 x height adjustable desks (level 2 and level 6)

4 x headphones

1 x ergonomic keyboard and mouse

3 x ergonomic chairs

1 x daylight lamp

1 x magnifier

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At a glance

On-site disabled parking spaces 1
Parking nearby (within 200m) Pay and Display
Main entrance Level
Door entry Automatic
Direct contact to reception Yes
Number of floors 4
Accessible toilets 4
Lift to all floors Yes
Hearing support system Yes