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The library is spread out between a few buildings and thus has a few receptions!

There is a porter’s lodge opposite the lift and near the main entrance to the library.

When inside the library on the ground floor there is a reception desk

Outside of the main reading room there is an additional reception desk.

All have lowered sections.

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Again due to the unusual layout there is both an internal staircase within one portion of the library and a main central staircase between the two buildings.

The main staircase is comprised of two staircases.  Where the buildings join, there is a link on the first floor between the two.  

The older staircase has a central railing but the steps have no nosings or textured edges.

The later staircase has a central railing and nosings on each step.

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Once again there is a mixture of new doors and existing listed ones, where possible the doors have a glazed panel and are held open.

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Reading Rooms

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There are several reading rooms. 

The main Taylor Institute library space is quite narrow and tight with high shelving.  Most wheelchair users will require assistance in this room- although the staff are very aware of this and willing to help. There are some areas with desk space and informal seating.

There is also a film viewing room on the first floor but it is quite small and many wheelchair users will struggle.

The reading room on the first floor offers a similar layout and thus similar restrictions.

In the stacks (third floor) the space is also narrow and tricky for wheelchair users.

In the attached building (second floor in the lift and right, then down the ramp) is the Main Reading Room and Gallery.  The main room is large, open plan and accessible with plenty of seating and desks.  Unfortunately the gallery and the graduate study rooms are not level access.

There is an additional reading room in the basement that is currently only accessible by stairs although in the next phase of building work there will be a platform lift.

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Accessible Computers

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There are no specific computer clusters as such, although there are 20 computer workstations scattered throughout the building.

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adapted furniture

Specialist equipment

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2 x height-adjustable desks.

2 x ergonomic chairs.

1 x acetate sheet.

1 x daylight lamp

1 x magnifier


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At a glance

On-site disabled parking spaces 0
Parking nearby (within 200m) Pay and Display
Main entrance Level
Door entry Powered
Direct contact to lodge Yes
Number of floors 4
Accessible toilets 1
Lift to all floors Yes
Hearing support system Yes