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This page is here to let you all know what is going on.  Making an access guide is a tricky business and with over 290 buildings it’s no small task!

This new look website contains a brand new navigation and a new format to represent access information - have a look at the 'how it works!' page.  

Because we simply can't do all 290 buildings at once we will be releasing the building pages in batches and first up is libraries.  We chose the top ten most popular libraries first. Click on the image below to see what we have been up to:


Where we haven't audited yet we have included links and contact details to help in the meantime.  We recognise it is not ideal, but we have done some of the sifting of information for you!

Recently added!

Here are the latest pages to be added.  

On the student services side of things, we now have added the student service hub of 3 Worcester Street; home of the Disablility Advisory Service, University Counselling Service, Peer Suport and Oxford University Assesment Centre.

Department pages are coming thick and fast now too.  Congratulations to the Careers Service, the Weston libraryand Classics our lastets new additions!

Coming soon!

We are currently working on the following departments.  We expect this process to take a few months to do

Physics - Biochemistry - Law- English - Computer Science

We also have Merton College page on the cusp of publishing and 3 other colleges signed up for audits in the new year.  If you think your college needs an access guide get in touch!

So keep coming back to check on progress and see what is newly added.

What about visitors? 

We also realise that the University is a Mecca for many visitors to Oxford and the UK, and that local residents and students use the public buildings too. We have completed the museums and collections! Next up is sports but until then we have the sports index pages with some basics to tide you over!

Is that all the news? NO!

The interactive map is finally made: make sure you check out the lifestyle tab too for tools like real time bus departures and places to eat and drink nearby!

The Access Guide is now on Twitter!  Please follow us at @OxUniAG to keep up with all our latest news and publishing. 

As ever we would love your feedback on the Access Guide. Click on the link in the sidebar to tell us your thoughts.

Put all of this together and we will have a really useful access guide up and running to make your experience of visiting Oxford that little bit easier!