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There is no direct contact between reception and the front door.  If you ring the doorbell on the left hand side, the member of staff in the kitchen will come and escort you into the building.



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 Some internal doors are fire doors, and not all have vision panels.  Doors may be coded for staff-only access, and door handles are placed high up out of the reach of the children.  Please ask the staff if you have trouble reaching any door handles.  The doors into the garden are double French doors with steps.  See below for level access route.

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All gardens are a mixture of wheel-friendly lawn and soft tarmac.  The toddler garden is usually accessed via four steps from the toddler room.  Those requiring level access should exit using the ramp from the toddler room (continuous handrail on right hand side descending, partial rail on left).  Once at the end of the ramp, turn right and go through the fence.  To reach the preschool garden with level access, exit through the gate you came in by, and head left around the building towards the terrace area.  You will then need to go through another large gate to reach the preschool garden.  There is also an ‘adventure playground’ section around the back of the building, which has a step up into it. 

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At a glance

On-site disabled parking spaces 0
Parking nearby (within 200m) No
Main entrance Level
Door entry Manual
Direct contact to reception No
Number of floors 1
Accessible toilets 1
Lift to all floors N/A
Hearing support system No