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exterior of the language centre from Banbury Road

This building has yet to be fully audited, but there is information available:

The Language Centre is partially accessible.  There is a small set of steps on the ground floor (internally), so there are two external doors which provide level access to all of the ground floor.  As there is no lift, those requiring level access to reach the upper floors can use the battery operated portable stair climber available in the building, the department can also move materials and schedule clasess on the ground floor.  



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There is one University parking space available for both the Language Centre and IT Services, and one accessible parking space for both.  The accessible space doesn’t need booking, but may be full.  To book the department space, please contact reception on or 01865 283360.  To get to the accessible space, enter the car park from Banbury Road, next to the Old Parsonage Hotel.  The accessible parking space is directly on the right hand side.

To get to the main entrance from the accessible car park space, go to the end of the car park and turn right.  Keep going until you come out onto Woodstock Road almost opposite Somerville College.  Turn left down the road to get to the Language Centre on your left hand side. 



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The main entrance (on Banbury Road) is down a small set of steps with no handrail.  The door is manual with vision panels, and there is a doorbell and intercom on the right hand side.  If you need level access, please ring this doorbell and a staff member will take you through the most appropriate access door.  To get to the cottage side of the building (Rooms 101 and 102), you will need to take the second door to the left of the main entrance on Banbury Road.  To get to the rest of the ground floor, you will need to take the door directly left of the main entrance, which is accessed via a portable ramp.             

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Accessible toilets

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There are two accessible toilets on the ground floor.  One is next to Rooms 101 and 102, and the other is just off the main lobby.  If you have come through the level entrance nearest to the main door, go right up the ramp and then turn left past the stairs to reach the accessible toilet. 

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Standard toilets

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On the ground floor there is a gender neutral toilet just off the main common room, next to the accessible toilet.  On the first floor, there is a one gender neutral toilet at the top of the stairs outside seminar rooms 201, 202 and 203 (the secondary staircase).  

hearing loop

Hearing support system

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There is a hearing support system available in room 301 on the top floor, but there is no level access. 

opening hours

Opening hours

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Weeks 1-8
Mon-Thu 8.45-20.00
Fri 8.45-19.00
Sat 10.00-13.00

Weeks 0 and 9
Mon-Fri 8.45-18.30


Christmas break.
Good Friday to Easter Monday.
August Bank Holiday long weekend.


Inaccessible areas

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There are no lifts in the building, but a battery operated portable stair climber is available for those who require level access to upper floors.  This can be attached to most manual wheelchairs.


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At a glance

On-site disabled parking spaces 1
Parking nearby (within 200m) No
Main entrance Not level
Alternative entrance (level access) Yes
Door entry Manual
Direct contact to reception Doorbell
Number of floors 3
Accessible toilets 2
Lift to all floors No
Hearing support system No