Private Accommodation

Click on the link below to find private housing.  This service is available to members or prospective members of the University and is not just for students. 

You will also find available college accommodation through this link.

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Unfortunately we cannot get involved in any disputes between landlords and tenants.  Please contact the local Citizens Advice Bureau or a solicitor.

Scam Landlords

We have been made aware that scamsters are trying to use a number of Internet Based accommodation sites including Studentpad to contact students. They act as a potential landlord to advertise a property for a significantly low rent for the Oxford area. 

Before the student is invited to view the property the scamster asks the student to transfer money via Western Union Money Transfer NOT to the scammer but to one of their own friends or relatives. They then ask that the students provide them with the scanned receipt as proof of their financial ability. From this they have sufficient information to withdraw funds from the students' account.

This is not standard practice in house-letting and we strongly advise people not to do it! Once the scammer gets the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) from the receipt they've effectively got control over your money.

 For more information see this article