Tenancy Agreement

A tenancy agreement should contain the following information:

  • Landlord's name.
  • Tenant's name.
  • Whether or not is an individual or joint tenancy agreement.
  • Address of the property let.
  • The length of the lease(if fixed).
  • The rent and when it is to be paid and for what period (month, week, etc.).
  • Notice provisions, if any, to allow the agreement to be terminated by one, or both parties.
  • Who pays electricity, gas, water and other bills.
  • Payment of council tax; (if applicable). Full-time students can apply for exception.
  • Responsibilities for the repair/replacement/maintenance of the house/flat and its contents, and any garden.
  • Rules regarding decorating, hanging pictures, etc.
  • Subletting: Whether or not it is allowed and in which circumstances.
  • Rules regarding visitors and guests.
  • Arrangements allowing the landlord access to the accommodation to repair or inspect.
  • Keeping of pets
  • Responsibility for insuring the property, landlords furniture and contents (which should be the landlord's) and the tenant's contents/furniture (which should be the tenant)
  • Tenant's and Landlord's signatures.