About Us

Welcome to the University of Oxford's Childcare Services. We are proud to offer a range of quality services at affordable prices for University and College staff and student parents.


Our Aims

  • To provide outstanding quality nursery provision which meets the standards and expectations of University parents
  • To support parental needs and provide advice, guidance and support to enable informed decision making on childcare provision


Our Values

Our shared values guide the interactions and behaviours of the University and its staff, parents and children at all levels.


  • Communicate openly and respectfully, creating a culture of trust and partnership
  • Collaborate positively and are accountable for our actions
  • Commit to providing excellence in education and lifelong learning and recognise that we can all learn from each other
  • Celebrate diversity by appreciating the unique contributions we all make, and which enrich our community
  • Care about the children and their families and each other, our work and our community

Our work is overseen by the Childcare Steering Group which reports to Personnel Committee.  The Steering Group is chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Personnel and Equality).