Fun at Bradmore Road

Our 4 room bases participate in various activities which we link to our Growing Enhancements and following EYFS guidelines.  

Our babies are encouraged to explore and express their personalities through music, art and play. 

They have recently enjoyed exploring different sounds. To do this they have been using the musical instruments within the room whist their carers sang some songs, they have also been very interested in the big drum, using their hands and toys to bash on it to make a big sound.



The children have also taken part in activity called “Look at me”. The babies sat and looked into mirrors and other shiny objects whilst being encouraged to touch and tap the mirrors. This activity was expanded by including the children’s names and asking what they could see as well as singing songs such as “Head, shoulders, knees and toes”. When the children touched the reflections that they could see, the carer then touched the same place on the child and named it.



The children have also spent some time exploring personalised treasure baskets this week. They were encouraged to explore their own baskets while the carer named the objects one by one and showed the children how to use them, for example “Shoe” and then placing the shoe on the baby’s foot. This was repeated with each object in the basket before they were then encouraged to explore the baskets independently. 

Our Toddlers show a keen interest in learning and love to explore.

The children have shown a keen interest in mark making. To develop this, they have been exploring different mark making tools including dabbers, their fingers, felt pens and sand seeing what marks they can create. This has allowed the children to develop both their fine and gross motor skills whilst creating their marks.



To help support those children who are just beginning to talk the children have enjoyed playing lots of different communication and language based games including “What’s in the bag?” During this activity the children each picked an item from a bag and the carer then said what the object was before the children were encouraged to repeat the words.



The children have also enjoyed reading the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. The children have been asking to read the story every day and as they have been reading it they have been acting out the movements from the story, drawing their interpretations of the pictures and going into the garden to do their own ‘bear hunt’. This promotes the children’s gross motor skills as well as making connections and understanding the story.

They have been very interested in exploring with different materials. To start this off they did some painting with coffee, the children spoke about the smell of the coffee and the marks it was creating on their paper. They then participated in the ‘Rainy Cloud’ activity whereby the adults put some shaving foam in a clear cup and the children then squeezed droplets of watercolour paint into the cup and watched the colour fall through the ‘clouds’.



Throughout the nursery we encourage independence and this is where we see our Pre-School children really grasp the idea, listening to and then following instructions to work on projects and fun tasks. Science, Technology and Maths have been a focus recently, aligned with our Growing Scientist programme we have been working on many experiments. 

During our Science Week children have taken part in 2 experiments exploring what colours are in different felt tip pen inks, and investigating what is magnetic and what is not. The children had great fun when a mum of one of our children came to visit and brought with her some safety goggles and aprons to wear while they took part in the colour based experiment. Each child placed a small dot of felt pen on the end of a strip of blotting paper before placing it in a plastic test tube with a small amount of tap water. As the water soaked into the paper, the colours in the ink began to separate and be dragged up the paper with the water.



The children have also had fun exploring measuring. They did this by using a variety of rulers to measure different blocks and toys. This gave them the opportunity to expand their mathematical vocabulary as well as allowing them to explore numbers. To develop this further, the children spent some time creating their own measuring number lines.



The children have also been learning about keeping healthy and preventing germs spreading. To do this they took part in an activity where  the children sat in a circle, one child put glitter on their hands (to represent the germs) and then shook hands with the child next to them, that child then turned and did the same to the next child and so on.