Fun at Mansion House

Mansion House are Growing Scientists – A focus on exploration, investigation and fun!

During Growing Awareness Scientist week, the Pre-School children explored how different substances affect the shell of an egg; they submerged 4 eggs in water, vinegar, juice and cola and then tracked the progress throughout the day. They also created a volcano that erupted in the garden and investigated the effect water has on Skittles and observed the wonderful pattern it made.


There has been a great focus on the Active Athlete programme in the Toddler Room and they have been going on daily trips to the local Adventure Playground and the local field. This has enabled the children to practice their gross motor skills by climbing and balancing on the playground equipment and by playing running games and ball games on the field.

The Baby room have enjoyed reading stories together, especially about animals, all linking into our Growing Readers and nurturing their love of books. The children pick their own stories, which are then read in small groups. They have animal props alongside the books and the children love to match them to the pictures and recreate the animal sounds. We encourage the making of loud and quiet noises to distinguish between the sounds and we spoke about the different sizes of animals using hand gestures to recreate whether we thought the animals were big or small.