Fun at Woodstock Road

At Woodstock Road your children can become the next big artist, discover the scientist within and even design and be a robot. Their potential is endless!

Preschool recently recreated famous works of art with different colours to see what they look like. (Starry Night, Vincent Van Gogh). Children are encouraged to use their imagination when it comes to art, there is no right and wrong way to be creative.


During our Growing Scientists Week we looked at many different experiments and investigations. Creating coloured slime was by far the favourite! Children mixed the safe ingredients, added colouring and created masterpieces using the slime. Ask us how we achieved this on your visit.  


You can be whatever you want to be… even a robot! Pre-school were asked - If you were a robot, what would you look like? They had access to materials, craft and textiles. Supervised but asked to work together, the children created what they thought their perfect robot would be. We think it’s a great and colourful robot. The friendliest one we know.