Triangle Building, Old Road Campus

Childcare Services is delighted to report that work is progressing well on site to develop the 5th University nursery.  

Construction work is now nearly complete on site and the nursery provider is preparing the building ready for Ofsted approval.   The scheduled opening date is July 2016.

The nursery will operate on the same basis as existing University nurseries in terms of available attendance patterns and opening hours.  It will be managed by nursery provider Bright Horizons and fees will be charged at the rate that will be effective in other University nurseries from August 2016.

Further information can be found below.



When will the nursery open?

The nursery is currently scheduled to open in July.  However, this is contingent on completion of fit-out by the nursery provider, completion of final works and Ofsted approval.


When can I apply?

Those who were already on the Childcare Services waiting list as of 23rd March 2016 and not already benefitting from University childcare were contacted and offered the option of amending one of their nursery choices to the Triangle. 

As of 23rd May 2016, Childcare Services is accepting applications from new applicants and those who may wish to switch their nursery placement (from another University-supported nursery).  Those looking to switch nurseries will need to submit a new application. To apply, visit the online application portal: at a later date.


When will I hear if I have got a place?

Offers for places will be made in line with standard Childcare Services policies and procedures.  Once the nursery operator is confident on an opening date, they will begin to send out offers.  Unfortunately, it will not be possible to keep you regularly updated with the status of your application or respond to individual queries on this nursery setting at this time.

Please ensure that your contact details - and primary email address in particular - are up-to-date on the web portal so that we are able to contact you as easily as possible.  If we cannot contact you via the primary email addresses you have listed on your application, you may miss out on a place.


How large is the nursery and what are the opening times?

The nursery will offer 98 full-time equivalent places.  

The nursery will open from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday and will be open for 50 weeks of the year as per other University nurseries.

5 day, 3 day and 2 day placements will be available.


How will you accommodate the likely large demand for baby places?

Our nursery provider, Bright Horizons, has agreed to work flexibly on opening in terms of the age boundaries to try and accommodate as many Under 2s children as possible.  However, they still need to operate within ratios and depending on demand, it may not be possible to accommodate all applications.  The nursery will not be filled to capacity over the first few weeks as the nursery staff will be ensuring that appropriate time is given to settling children into the nursery.


Can I visit the nursery?

Taster/open evenings will be arranged by the nursery provider for those who are offered places; these will be arranged closer to opening. Additionally, some 'Meet the Management Team' sessions will be arranged for those who accept an offer of a place at the nursery.  In the meantime, parents may wish to have a look around other Bright Horizons nurseries to get a sense of likely 'look and feel'.  You should contact: if this is something you would like to pursue.


What about the nursery fees?

The nursery fees effective from the nursery opening until 31st July 2017 will be as follows:

5 days- £882.27 per calendar month

3 days - £579.15 per calendar month

2 days - £386.10 per calendar month

3 and 4 year old funding will be available for those who are eligible.

Subject to eligiblity, staff will be able to pay their fees via the workplace nursery salary sacrifice scheme.