Parenting Organisations

The Children's Information Service is the most comprehensive childcare service in Oxfordshire. However parents have recommended the following:

Parentline Plus

For more information please call 0808 800 2222 or click on the above link to be directed to their website.

Parentline Plus is a national charity that works for and with parents. They offer a range of services including telephone groups, publications and online discussion groups.

National Childbirth Trust

For general enquiries or for membership please click on the above link to be directed to their website.

NCT offers support in pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood. They have antenatal classes, coffee groups, nearly new sales, homebirth support and much more.

The Inclusion Support Scheme – for children with disabilities

This scheme aims to promote inclusion and remove the barriers to play and childcare and leisure for disabled children and young people. It is available for children and young people under 19 years of age with impairments or emotional, behavioural or learning difficulties who would otherwise be prevented from taking part.

The scheme is funded from government grant money, through Oxfordshire County Council.

Short-term financial support is available to play, childcare and leisure providers (including childminders), to pay for additional staff hours to support children, fees, equipment or, in some instances, transport.

Information and advice to support the inclusion of disabled children is available from Community Childcare and Play Officers and, for pre-school settings, from Early Years Special Educational Needs Inclusion Teachers.

Childcare, play and leisure providers who receive a grant will be expected to attend disability equality training.

The scheme cannot give grants retrospectively or give grants directly to parents.

Contact Tel: 01865 323004 or  Email: for an application form.