Access to nurseries: Eligibility

2.1 Access to University Childcare

The following groups are eligible to apply for a nursery place:

  • University employees, including joint appointments (but not employees of other organisations working within University departments);
  • matriculated students;
  • employees of any of the University's Colleges;
  • and employees of Oxford University Innovation.

Academic visitors are not eligible for University childcare, however, applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis, please contact the Head of Childcare Services.

2.2 University Nurseries

Attendance patterns at the University nurseries are limited to two, three or five day placements:

     2 day placements

     Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday

     3 day placements

     Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Thursday/Friday

     Eligibility FTE criteria

     - Those with a FTE contract 0.90 or above will be able to access full-time 
        (5 day) childcare at University nurseries;

     - Those with a FTE contract between 0.55-0.89 will be eligible for three days;

     - Those with a FTE contract between 0.35-0.54 will be eligible for two days.

2.3 Community nurseries where the University has places: FTE equivalent nursery provision

A more flexible range of attendance patterns are available for parents who use community nurseries supported by the University – 3 and 4 days, half-days (at some nurseries). Eligibility for such provision is applied on a per day FTE basis – e.g. 0.4 = 2 days, 0.6 = 3 days.

The exception to this is for the Montessori School nurseries where the standard nursery hours are 8.30-3.30pm.  In such cases, parents who evidence they work their FTE hours during the opening hours of the nursery, will be able to make an application on that basis.

2.4 Variable Hours Contracts

Childcare Services requires notice in writing from the employing Department /College of the minimum weekly guaranteed hours.  This must equal at least 0.35 FTE to be eligible for a University nursery or places at Co-operative and Childbase, 0.55 FTE for Montessori and 0.2 FTE for Bright Horizons community nurseries.

2.5 Term-time only contracts

Those employed with term-time only contracts will be able to access nursery provision throughout the year and will be liable for the full year round fees.