Allocation of nursery places

4.1 An offer will be made to an applicant as soon as it is possible to do so bearing in mind the relevant factors – nursery choices, required attendance pattern, age of child. 

4.2 If an applicant is made 3 offers which meet their nursery choices which they decline, their application will be removed from the waiting list.  They will have the option to reapply at a future date

4.3 Applicants who are ‘Placed, still waiting’ - i.e. those that have been offered and accepted a place at one nursery (possible second/third choice) but wish to remain on waiting list for their preferred nursery are able to do so subject to the preferred nursery being within the same nursery provider as the initial placement (All University nurseries are run by Bright Horizons).  If parents wish to change to a nursery with a different provider, this will be by joining the waiting list with a new application after starting the placement for which they have received an offer.

Exception:  Where parents wish to a Montessori nurseries (2 years plus only) but are wishing to have childcare before that point, they are able to submit a standard application via the online portal for the first nursery.  They should then contact Childcare Services office to place a second application for the Montessori nursery.  This second application will be limited to nurseries  within the Montessori Group.    The application will be withdrawn if, after the child has turned 2, the parent wishes their child to remain in their existing nursery.