Financial Questions

What will the change mean for me?  I currently receive Childcare vouchers via a Computershare account. 

You will be able to choose whether you continue receiving Employer-Supported Childcare or switch to Tax-Free Childcare.  Childcare vouchers will continue to be available to new entrants until April 2018 to allow a transition between the schemes.

The government will provide clear advice and guidance to allow you to decide which scheme best suits your individual circumstances.  A link to a ready reckoner calculator to help you with making choices about funding your childcare can be found here:

Employer-Supported Childcare will continue to be available to current recipients for as long as their employer continues to offer the scheme. The University of Oxford intends to continue to run the childcare voucher scheme for the foreseeable future.  If you move employers after Tax-Free Childcare is introduced you will no longer be entitled to Employer-Supported Childcare.


Will workplace nurseries be affected by the introduction of Tax-Free Childcare?

Workplace nurseries are not affected and if you currently pay your nursery fees via the University’s nursery fees salary sacrifice scheme you will be able to continue to benefit from the tax savings that this payment method brings. Payments for your University nursery provision will continue to be managed via the Childcare Services team. 


Can I use the University’s nursery fees salary sacrifice scheme (workplace nursery scheme) and  Tax-Free Childcare at the same time?

No. If you receive any other support with your childcare, including childcare vouchers or salary sacrifice scheme you are not eligible to use the Tax-Free Childcare Scheme.


If I have registered for childcare vouchers already but not redeemed these against childcare prior to the launch of tax-free childcare, am I able to stay with the childcare voucher scheme? 

Yes, the critical thing is that you have registered prior to the scheme being closed to new members. 


I am married but the only working person in my household.  Am I eligible for tax-free childcare?

Under the tax-free childcare rules, both parents must be working to be eligible. Lone parent families will be eligible.