Clubs Office

This site contains information about student clubs, societies and publications and the benefits of registration with the Proctors.

The University welcomes the contribution made to student life by clubs, societies and other organisations such as publications (including electronic format). Although not required, formal registration is encouraged, because it assists the smooth running and continuity of clubs, entitles them to apply for University grants and to apply to the Vice-Chancellor for permission to use “Oxford University” in their names (“Oxford” in the case of publications), and generally helps to protect the clubs’ best interests as well as the University's reputation.

For registration purposes, clubs are divided into three categories: non-sports, publications and sports. This information will be of interest mainly to non-sports clubs and publications, whose registration and support is looked after by the Clerk to the Proctors and the staff of the Clubs Office. However, some of the material is also relevant to sports clubs.

Information about the organisation and registration of sports clubs, and applications for registration, should be directed to the Sports Federation President or the Sports Fed Manager

Throughout the following information the term “club” is used to refer to any non-sports club, society or other organisation registered with the Proctors. The information:

  • explains the registration procedures and formal regulations
  • explains the support provided by the Proctors' Office and through the Clubs Committee
  • gives useful advice on constitutional and financial matters.

If you are interested in registering a club or are involved in running a registered club and need advice, please contact the Clubs Officer, Mrs Clare Brennan, tel. 01865 280183 or