Clubs Office Support


When a club is registered with the Proctors it is entitled to make use of support offered by the Clubs Committee (sports clubs are supported by the Sports Department).

The Clubs Committee consists of both student and staff members of the University, under the Chairmanship of the Assessor. The Clerk to the Proctors is its secretary. This Committee operates a scheme to provide financial aid and other assistance to registered clubs and operates a Minibus Hire Scheme in co-operation with the Sports Department. It is also responsible for administering the Clubs Office, considers questions concerning clubs, societies and publications which are referred to it by any University body, and generally advises on all such matters.

Grants etc.

For information about applying for a clubs grant, see Grants: guidance and criteria

Clubs Office

The Clubs Office is based in the Proctors’s Office, University Offices, Wellington Square. This is staffed from 8.45 a.m. to 12.15 p.m. Monday to Friday, weeks 0-12, by a part-time Clubs Officer, Mrs Clare Brennan (tel. 280183).

Minibus Hire and Driver Training

The Sports Department, in co-operation with the Clubs Committee, operate a scheme under which registered Clubs can hire good-quality self-drive minibuses at competitive rates from designated local companies. The costs to Clubs are kept down because hires are made under the University’s insurance instead of the hire company’s.

To increase safety, the scheme also includes compulsory driver assessment and training.

Full details about the scheme are on the web at Please contact the scheme administrator at the Sports Federation (tel. 01865 241335; email:


Each registered club may apply for an account in the club/society’s name at IT Services for email, web pages and interactive work for bona fide club business. IT Services provide a registration form for this purpose.

Clubs/societies wishing to use IT Services must designate an IT Officer and, if appropriate, a Webmaster. Details of their responsibilities can be found in Rules Committee Regulations sections 1.8 (1) – (4). These post-holders may need to satisfy IT Services as to their competence and if necessary undertake training under the guidance of IT Services.

Non-sports clubs and publications: IT Services will require a photocopy of the club’s current registration form showing the Proctors’ Office or Clubs Committee stamp (the latest version of the form detailing the club’s IT Officer and Webmaster must be used). Applications can be made in person at IT Services or by sending in the appropriate set of forms.

Sports Clubs: the IT Services registration process is conducted electronically via the Sports Federation.

See for exact details. Use of the club account is limited to registered officers and committee members whose names appear on the Registration form. If a club ceases to be registered with the Proctors, its IT Services account will be withdrawn.