Council Secretariat

The Council Secretariat is responsible for University-wide matters relating to governance, assurance, compliance and trusts administration. A substantial portion of the section’s activities relates to the servicing of Council and many of its committees, including the General Purposes Committee, the Audit and Scrutiny Committee and the Finance Committee. Such work goes beyond clerking these committees; where appropriate, the section will also handle much of the work generated by the committees.

The Head of the Council Secretariat is the Deputy University Secretary, Emma Rampton, who reports to the Registrar.


Information on the University's governance, and links to the sites for Congregation, Council and its committees, Divisions, Conference of Colleges, and Elections by Congregation.


What do I need to know about the Bribery and Fraud Policies and how does the Data Protection Act affect me?


Information on the University's assurance function, the Audit and Scrutiny Committee, and internal audit.


Information and guidance on the administration of trusts, including the duties of trustees and the financial management of funds.


All about the people who work in the Council Secretariat.