Gifts & Hospitality Registers

University Gifts & Hospitality Policy requires that a formal record be kept of gifts and hospitality received or provided by University staff or associated persons that exceed the self-approval threshold of £100*. It is also necessary to record the details of any series of gifts or hospitality that in cumulative total exceed £100 over any rolling 12 month period and are accepted from the same source or provided to the same person or body.

It is not the intention that every trivial item be recorded. Particularly in respect of the cumulative threshold, departments have some discretion to determine whether it is necessary to make a record - where the threshold is exceeded as a result of providing a series of light refreshments, teas or coffees, for example, then departments may decide it is unnecessary to make a record.

A template Gifts and Hospitality Form (182kb)  and Gifts and Hospitality Register (13kb)  are provided for departments to record all required details, which must be done within 28 days of the receipt concerned. Departments may decide to use either the form or the register, or both (depending upon what works best) but are expected to keep the content under constant review and will be requested to forward copies of the records made annually to the Registrar, or a nominated delegate. Records must be maintained in a complete, up to date, and accurate manner. The information may be published at the discretion of the University, requested for review by Internal Audit, or made available under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.

The responsibility for keeping this record lies with Heads of Division, Heads of Department and Heads of University Services.

 Single gifts or acts of hospitality

When you give or receive any single gift or act of hospitality that exceeds (or is estimated to exceed) £100* then this must be recorded in the Gifts & Hospitality Register.

When calculating the value of the gifts or hospitality involved consider the total value paid (or total estimated value if this is unknown). This means that you should not apportion value between University staff or associated persons and others.

Example: -

You host a meal for two individuals from a partner institution that is collaborating with the University on a research project. In addition to the two guests you are accompanied by a colleague from the department. The total value of the meal is £126. You should record this in the Gifts & Hospitality Register at full value even though it might be argued that the proportion enjoyed by the third parties was only £63 (if the total were split equally). This is to ensure complete transparency and simple application of the rules.

Series of gifts or hospitality

When you give to the same person or body any series of gifts or hospitality that cumulatively exceed (or is estimated to exceed) £100* in any rolling 12 month period then this must be recorded in the Gifts & Hospitality Register.

Also, if you accept from the same body or person a similar series of gifts or hospitality then this must also be recorded.

You may create a single record detailing all instances once the threshold is reached, rather than individual records for each instance.


1. Whilst gifts and hospitality accepted or offered in relation to research projects are covered by this Policy and should be recorded, the funding and sponsorship of research is not a gift and does not require recording as set out above. Nor do charitable or philanthropic donations received by the University that are recorded via the Gifts Registry.

2. Payments in kind, where gifts or hospitality are given in part payment or instead of a fee for services provided, are also not required to be recorded.

* Note: This threshold rises to £250 where the gift or hospitality is directly connected with teaching or research and meets the criteria of 2.3.1. and 3.4.1 of the Gifts & Hospitality Policy.