Congregation, 6 March 2018 (level of risk proposed by the USS trustee)

Report of Proceedings

At the meeting of Congregation on 6 March, resolutions (1)–(3), authorising the use of space in the Fleming Boathouse, and changes to and a suspension of Congregation Regulations 3 of 2002 were declared carried.

(4) Resolution: to suspend statutory procedures

As 21 members signified their objection to the resolution by rising in their places after the resolution was read by the Registrar, the resolution was not moved.

(5) Resolution: on the level of risk proposed by the USS trustee

As resolution (4) to suspend statutory procedures was not carried, resolution (5) will proceed to a future scheduled meeting of Congregation.

Further details about the meeting and the full text of the resolutions can be found in Gazette No.5197, 1 March 2018.


A transcript of the meeting is available in the right hand column of this website.