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On a number of pages throughout the Central Administration website, files are made available for download, for example in Word or Excel format. This lets you save a copy of the document to your computer's hard drive or your local network. You can then open this copy within the appropriate application to view or edit it as normal.

The method by which your computer handles downloading of files from the web is specific to your web browser. Generally you will need to either select ‘save to disk mode’, or select the ‘save file’ option. You may also have the option to open the file, which will allow you to view the document before saving. Alternatively, your browser may open the file without prompting you, from which you can save it as a new file.

If you do not have Word, Excel or PowerPoint applications installed on your computer, you can still view these files by downloading and installing free Viewer software. These 'plug-in' programs will allow you to view Word, Excel or PowerPoint files from within your web browser window, rather than opening up a separate program in a new window; files cannot be edited, but content can be copied into other applications. Further details and instructions on how to download and install these Viewers is available from Microsoft's Download Center:

Word icon Word viewer

Excel icon Excel viewer

PowerPoint icon PowerPoint viewer

Please contact your computer support person if you have difficulties downloading from this site. Feedback on download and translation problems is welcome, to