Appeals to Education Committee against decisions made by the Proctors’

Under the Regulations for the Conduct of University Examinations, Part 18.1, it is possible for a student or college to appeal against certain decisions made by the Proctors if they are dissatisfied with the outcome. The appeal must be made within 14 days of the Proctors’ decision giving clearly detailed information and addressed to the Chair of Education Committee and sent to Education Policy Support. Only appeals relating to the following can be considered:

  • Special arrangements as a result of religious festivals and holidays coinciding with exams.
  • Special arrangements for candidates with special examination needs.
  • Decisions not to forward to examiners an application for consideration of factors affecting performance.
  • Decisions relating to late submission, non-submission, non-appearance, and withdrawal from examinations.

Appeals against a decision made by Education Committee

An applicant who is dissatisfied with a decision made on behalf of Education Committee may appeal against it within 14 days of the date of the decision. The college or department may make the appeal on the student’s behalf, or the student may make the appeal on their own behalf. Any such appeal must be made in writing. The appeal will be heard by two members of Education Committee with no previous connection with the case.