Information on how to request a dispensation:

Dispensations for Undergraduate students

Dispensations for Graduate students (taught)

Dispensations for Graduate students (research)

The table below shows the dispensations from the regulations that are the responsibility of Education Committee, and for which it has powers delegated by Council.



Dispensation from matriculation requirements


Request to postpone matriculation date. This is common among Continuing Education students who often do not have to come to Oxford until the second or third term of their course.

Admission to the status and privileges of a Senior Student

Application for Senior Status. This allows university graduates to enter the FHS directly rather than having to sit the FPE. Applications should be made to UAS Academic Records Office aro@admin.ox.ac.uk

Problematic cases are referred to Education Committee.

Extension of standing for honours, or for a University prize or other award

For an undergraduate student wishing to sit final exams more than three terms after the original date. The clock does not stop ticking if a student suspends.

Taking deleted options, forbidden combinations of subjects, subjects not provided for in regulations, or examinations under old regulations

This covers illegal combination of subjects and examinations as provided for in the Examination Regulations and examination under old regulations when a syllabus or the examination paper has changed. The Examination Regulations permit an old regulations paper to be set for up to six terms after the original exam date.

Entering examinations earlier or later than prescribed

This might be a consequence of adjusting the mode of study, e.g. extension of FHS by a year or allowing a student to transfer to part-time study. It might also be a consequence of a student completing faster than expected.

Antedating of admission and of residence

This can be applied for when research students transfer to Oxford with their supervisor.

Viva voce and other oral examinations

Practical work

Dispensation from the requirement to sit an examination or part of an examination, or from a pre-requirement for an examination

All exam issues, including the carry forward of marks for one or more components following a withdrawal, (not a resit or resubmission).

Extension of time within which to supplicate (beyond that which divisional boards, faculty boards, and other bodies are empowered to grant)

Extension of status as a DPhil student beyond the 18th term. Very rarely additional terms may be granted by Education Committee (usually only in exceptional cases of disability) and will need the approval of the DGS.

Reinstatement out of time

Prior to 18 terms of study, the divisional/ faculty board may give permission for reinstatement to the register. After 18 terms a request for dispensation to this rule needs to be made (the application for reinstatement should still be made using the GSO.23 form).

Permission to transfer from one status to another out of time

Transfer from PRS to DPhil beyond six terms (four terms + two terms’ extension to PRS) using GSO.2).

Extension of time within which a student is allowed to hold Probationer Research Student status

Boards may approve one or two terms’ extension to PRS (using GSO.2b).  If a student is beyond the sixth (full-time) or twelfth (part-time) term of study a request for a dispensation needs to be made.

Dispensation from the prescribed period of study in Oxford (beyond that which divisional boards, faculty boards, and other bodies are empowered to grant)

In special circumstances the Proctors can authorise residence to be kept outside of the normal geographical restrictions. Education Committee can dispense with the residence requirement for graduate students.

Regulations governing graduate students and second or higher degrees

This may include extension to the deadline for Confirmation of DPhil Status. Boards can approve up to three terms’ extension (GSO.14b), but anything beyond this must be a request for dispensation.

Extension of time as a DPhil student beyond 18 terms (GSO.15), this is usually requested by students with a disability.

Permission to make a further attempt at an assessment, beyond the provision of the regulations (i.e. exceptional re-sits)

Applications for a third attempt at the FPE, PGT and PGR examinations. It also includes further attempts at FHS examinations.

Extensions to submission dates for assessed work

Extensions that are likely to take the submission date beyond the term of office of the current board of examiners.

Major adjustments to assessment on the grounds of disability

These would typically be changes to the mode or timing of examinations.

Permission to change mode of study

This is usually a specific type of major adjustment for disability from full time to part-time study, but it may include a request to study part-time for reasons other than disability, such as parenthood, demands of employment.


An appeal from certain decisions of the Proctors: see Part 18.1 in the Examination Regulations.