Fees Panel

The Fees Panel is chaired by the Assessor. It considers individual student cases where there is some doubt or difficulty with the student’s University fees which cannot be resolved by any other means. Cases that it has considered include:

  • Appeals against overseas fee status;
  • Disputes relating to the provision of fee information;
  • Clarification and interpretation of fee regulations;
  • Requests for waivers of fees on ill-health or disability grounds;
  • Requests relating to the University Continuation Charge;
  • Appeals against suspensions that have been imposed as a result of the non-payment of University fees.

The Fees Panel does not consider financial hardship cases. Students experiencing financial hardship should apply to the relevant hardship fund committee.

Most applications are received from current students through their college. Occasionally cases are received from colleges, departments or other bodies without the involvement of the student, typically where there is a query about the interpretation of fee regulations. Applicants to the University who wish to appeal against their fee status classification may apply direct to the Fees Panel.

The Fees Panel meets on Wednesday of week 3 of each term. Cases should be sent to the Secretary by Wednesday of week 1 of each term. Urgent cases received between meetings are considered by the Chair but may be held over to the next meeting. Applications on health or disability grounds are considered throughout the year on a rolling basis, and should be submitted to the Secretary as soon as they are ready.

Application process

  • Applications relating to University fees should be discussed with an appropriate college officer;
  • Applications relating to deposits and the University Continuation Charge should be discussed with an appropriate departmental officer;
  • Applications should only be made to the Fees Panel if the college or department cannot resolve the issue through communication with the Student Fees and Funding Office;
  • The college/department emails the Secretary to the Fees Panel with a statement setting out clearly:
    • The student’s name, course and student ID number;
    • Which fees are the subject of query or dispute;
    • What resolution the student is seeking;
    • The statement should be accompanied by any relevant supporting material and a comment from the college/department.

Applications and supporting evidence should be emailed to edcapplications@admin.ox.ac.uk