Student Disciplinary Panel

Cases referred by the Proctors to the Student Disciplinary Panel

The University’s Code of Discipline is set out in Statute XI: University Discipline.

The Proctors' role includes investigating alleged offences of misconduct and bringing charges against students found to be infringing University regulations. Where they decide that there is a case to answer, some matters are then dealt with through a Proctors’ Disciplinary Hearing. Cases of a more serious nature are referred by the Proctors to the Student Disciplinary Panel.

The Secretary to the Student Disciplinary Panel is responsible for making arrangements for hearings, including communication with the students concerned. At a hearing, both the Proctors and the student concerned have the chance to put their case to the Panel. The penalties which the Panel can impose, if it is satisfied that the student did commit the offences, are set out in Statute XI. If the student is unhappy with the decision of the Panel, or the penalty imposed, then s/he may apply for permission to appeal to the Student Appeal Panel.

The Regulations for the Student Disciplinary Panel set out the proceedings for the hearings. Further information is also available.

Student Appeal Panel

The Student Appeal Panel considers applications for permission to appeal against decisions of the Student Disciplinary Panel, and only considers cases that have first been considered by the Student Disciplinary Panel. Information on the procedures for the Student Appeal Panel is provided to students with the decision of the Student Disciplinary Panel.