Graduate Panel

Terms of Reference

  1. Advise Council's Education and Research Committees on all aspects of the University's strategy and policy for the education and training of PGT and PGR students;
  2. In conjunction with Fees Policy Group and PRAC, provide guidance on matters relating to graduate funding and fees;
  3. Maintain an overview of the policies, regulations and codes of practice governing graduate progression (especially transfer and confirmation), assessment and achievement within the University;
  4. Monitor relevant performance indicators relating to PGT and PGR students, with particular reference to: graduate admissions, reports on GSS, assessment outcomes, withdrawal rates, suspensions and extensions, submission and completion rates;
  5. Maintain an overview of the role and contribution of graduate students to research, with particular reference to the REF, to relevant metrics, and to the support and supervision of PGR students and their research.

The Graduate Panel would report jointly to Education Committee and to Research Committee. The Graduate Panel would receive reports from: University Skills Group and maintain close contact with the Graduate Admissions Committee. It would also relate to Divisional Graduate Studies Committees (or their equivalents) and to Divisional Research Committees

Membership 2015-16

Professor Sarah Whatmore, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)(Chair HT 2017) University Offices, Wellington Square
Professor Ian Walmsley, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) University Offices, Wellington Square
Dr Mark Whittow, Senior Proctor (Chair MT 2016) University Offices, Wellington Square
Dr Felix Budelmann, Humanities Division Magdalen College
Dr Paul Martin, Social Sciences Division Wadham College
Professor David Gavaghan, MPLS Division Clarendon Laboratory, Parks Road
Professor Robert Gilbert, Medical Sciences Division Magdalen College
Associate Professor Johanna Waters Department for Continuing Education
Professor Peter Jezzard, Chair, Graduate Admissions Committee Faculty of Classics
Dr Nicola Trott, Chair, Graduate Committee of Conference Balliol College
Professor Keith Gull St Edmund Hall
Dr Chris Sauer, Senior Tutor Green Templeton College
Ms Marina Lambrakis, OUSU Vice-President (Graduate Affairs) Oxford University Student Union
Officers in attendance

Ms Jackie Hoyle,
Deputy Director of Student Adminisitration (Registry)

University Offices, Wellington Square
Nadia Pollini, Director of Graduate Admissions and Funding University Offices, Wellington Square
Mr David Gibson, Director of Education Policy Support University Offices, Wellington Square
Mrs Philippa O'Connor, Head of Education Policy Development University Offices, Wellington Square
Miss Frances Wayman, Education Policy Support University Offices, Wellington Square

Dates of Meetings 2016-17




Michaelmas Term 2016

Week 2



Week 9

Friday 9 December 2016

Hilary Term 2017

Week 2

Tuesday 24 January 2017


Week 9

Friday 17 March 2017

Trinity Term 2017

Week 2

Tuesday 2 May 2017


Week 9

Friday 23 June 2017

The paperwork for previous meetings is available on WebLearn.