Policy & Guidance for Examiners and Others Involved in University Examinations

This Policy and Guidance provides information for examiners and all other staff involved in University examinations. It combines both the relevant examination regulations and statements of policy and guidance on examinations and assessment. Its purpose is to provide a summary of the main regulations relating to examinations and assessment (both for undergraduate and taught graduate courses), and to set out those additional policy requirements relating to examinations and assessment which the University has established. The information is intended to assist examiners and examination administrators in running an examination in accordance with the regulations. It has been compiled in consultation with the Head of Examinations and Assessments and others involved in the day-to-day administration of University examinations. It outlines the sequence of events and various other matters related to the conduct of examinations.

A PDF version of the full policy and guidance (including all annexes) is available below:

Policy and Guidance for Examiners (1,542kb)

Examinations administrators in particular should also consult the Examinations and Assessments Staff Handbook for guidance on examination processes and an annual checklist.

The annexes provide further information on a number of exam-related topics as well as other useful resources and documents.

The following annexes/pages are available separately as MS Word or PDF documents for ease of use:

Report on a mitigating circumstances notice to examiners (14kb)

Annex A - Major adjustments to examinations and assessment (118kb)

Annex C - Consideration of mitigating circumstances by examiners (235kb)

Annex F - Form of report on examinations (18kb)

Annex G - Plagiarism (166kb)

Annex I - Examination conventions (28kb)

Annex N - Retention of records declaration form (13kb)

Example exam paper (88kb)