12. Results

12.1. Results lists

The Academic Records Office (ARO) is responsible for the publication to students of final results via the online Student Self-Service. These are based on the Results Lists approved and signed off by the examiners (Examination Regulations, Regulations for the Conduct of University Examinations, Part 17, www.admin.ox.ac.uk/examregs/2016-17/rftcoue-p17publofresu). The ARO aims to publish results within two working days of receipt, but this can be delayed if there are problems with the electronic or hard-copy Results Sheets. As a result, chairs and examiners are strongly advised not to inform candidates that results will be issued at a certain date and time. They must not inform individuals of their results before the results have been issued.

Comprehensive guidance on how to complete and upload results lists can be found on the ARO Results Drop Box WebLearn site.

Chairs, or Examination Board administrators, will be provided with access to WebLearn at the start of the examination process for loading marks, and the ARO Manager will arrange access to the Examination Board dataviews in the student record system. These marks should be returned as whole numbers rather than decimal places using the 100-point scale as agreed by Education Committee. The completed marks record should be loaded into WebLearn. This information must also be certified on the Results Template which may be extracted from either a file or a spreadsheet by the signature of all the examiners who have acted together in the assessment of the candidates in the examination. The Deputy Director of Student Administration (Registry) will then arrange for the publication of these results in a form that will be determined by the Registrar (ibid., cl. 17.15, www.admin.ox.ac.uk/examregs/2016-17/rftcoue-p17publofresu).

It is the responsibility of chairs to check that all candidates are accounted for on the Results Template (file or spreadsheet) as completed at the examiners’ meeting, and that their results are correctly shown on the Results Template when it is signed.

No lists should be displayed on any website or notice board, since to do so would breach the Data Protection Act. The ARO will upload the approved individual assessment grades and year outcome from WebLearn that has been submitted with the certified Results Template. This data will then be available for viewing via the Examination Board dataviews in the student record system.

After the results have been released to the students it is not possible to change the results unless:

a) An error has been identified. Where the change in marks to correct the error results in a change in the year/examination outcome, or to the final award outcome, the examiners must seek the permission of the PVC (Education) and the Proctors by completing the Change in Results Form. Where the change in results does not result in a change in the year/examination, or final award outcome, the Change in Results Form should be submitted to the ARO signed by the Chair.

b) A candidate has been accidently omitted from the results list. In such instances the examiners must apply to the Proctors for permission to compile an additional Results List. This additional Results List should contain the candidates missing from the original Results List.

Candidates whose results are incomplete at the time of the final examiners’ meeting are usually recorded as an INCOMPLETE on the Results List. Candidates might be incomplete because they are under Proctorial investigation or were granted an extension. When the examiners are ready to examine the ‘late results’ they should meet as a full board unless the Proctors have granted permission for them to meet with reduced numbers or consult by correspondence. The results should be submitted to the ARO in the same way as the original Results List, as described above. In the case of results which are late due to candidates having been granted an extension, there is no requirement to seek Proctorial permission to produce a further Results List. In the case of results delayed due to Proctorial investigation, or due to late or non-submission without prior approval from the Proctors, Proctorial permission is required to produce a further Results List.

Once results are released, all students will be informed by email that their results are available in student self-service.  

In order to avoid inadvertent breaches of candidates’ rights of confidentiality under the Data Protection Act, Student Administration will be unable to disclose results over the telephone, since staff have no means of confirming the identity of the caller.

12.2. Results spreadsheet/file sheets

The ARO will provide a Results Template to chairs and examination board administrators in good time for the examination board. These are distributed as late as possible to ensure they capture any last minute student changes (withdrawals, late entry). If student circumstances change after the Results Templates have been distributed, then departments need to request a new template from the ARO to accommodate these late changes.

12.3. Prizes for examinations

Where examiners are responsible for awarding prizes on the basis of examination results, it is the duty of the chair to send notification of the awards to the secretary of the appropriate divisional or faculty board. The secretary will arrange for payment to be made to the prize-winners.

12.4. Disclosure and publication of candidates’ marks

When the entire examination is complete and the results released into eVision, the candidates’ assessment marks and award outcomes will be available to the candidates and to staff with eVision access to the candidates’ assessment records. In the case of a two-part FHS, the agreed marks should be disclosed after the completion of the first part of the FHS.

The Senior Tutor (and their delegates) at a candidate’s college may access candidate results from the eVision dataviews. Colleges require this information since some grant-giving bodies request it and it is helpful in the preparation of academic references. Senior Tutors will make the marks available to subject tutors. Chairs of Examiners should no longer send separate lists to Senior Tutors because of information security issues with using email to circulate personal data.   

Examiners should not disclose agreed marks to candidates or to staff until the results have been formally released into eVision. No candidates’ marks should be released by examiners to colleagues in departments.  Staff in departments may view results through eVision if they have appropriate access.  

If the examiners calculate an overall mark (sometimes known as Average Mark) and/or a candidate ranking in class or cohort, the Chair of examiners may additionally submit this information in an upload Excel file to the ARO via the results upload WebLearn facility. It is intended that new eVision functionality will enable this additional information to be displayed in eVision dataviews to staff who have access to assessment information. Until such time as this eVision functionality becomes available, average mark and student ranking can be published in Tableau Examination Results reports which were created to assist examiners and departments with the distribution of examination results. These can be accessed at https://bits.uas.ox.ac.uk/views/ExaminationResults/ResultsbyExamination. If chairs would like to submit average marks or ranking, or would like access to these reports, please contact sdma@admin.ox.ac.uk.

12.5. Transcripts of results

The ARO will post an academic transcript to each student taking a Final Honour School or final postgraduate taught course examinations. The transcript will detail the overall award outcome and individual assessment results. Transcripts are available for all students who commenced their studies in Michaelmas term 2007 or after. Students commencing their studies before Michaelmas term 2007 should request transcript information from their college.

The transcript includes space for departments to include some explanatory text about the examination conventions and an exercise to collect and update this information is carried out each Trinity Term via the Divisional Offices. Chairs and academic support staff may access current transcript course text either via their Divisional Office, or via the transcript text functionality in eVision.  

For further information on transcripts please refer to the Academic Transcripts section of the University’s website (www.ox.ac.uk/students/graduation/transcripts).