Annex H: Appointment of PG students as assessors in taught-course examimations

Education Committee’s policy on the appointment of postgraduate students as assessors in taught-course examinations

1. Only senior research students1 should be eligible for appointment, though exceptions may be made in certain circumstances.

2. Students must have relevant expertise or experience. They should normally have teaching experience of the relevant paper.

3. It is preferable that nominees are employed either as Graduate Teaching Assistants / Teaching Associates etc. or as college tutors.

4. Graduate students should only be nominated with the consent of the paper setter and the convenor of the subject teaching group.

5. They should have attended appropriate training or received individual instruction from an experienced examiner.

6. They should have access to information about the paper, examination conventions, marking procedures and general expectations of candidates.

7. Provision should be made for the supervision and monitoring of their performance.

8. Their scripts should be subject to additional sampling and consistency checks.

9. Otherwise qualified students without teaching experience should be confined to marking questions for which there is a precise model solution and an approved marking scheme.

10. Students should only be appointed to mark postgraduate examinations in exceptional circumstances. In these exceptional cases, they are required to have passed Confirmation of Status.

11. Appointment of assessors is subject to the approval of the PVC (Education) and the Proctors in each case. Proposed appointments of postgraduate students as assessors are considered with particular care, and information on why a postgraduate student is appropriate for the role must be provided.

A specific form to provide supporting information on the proposed appointment of a postgraduate student as an assessor is now provided (separate from the similar form required for the approval of other non-Faculty members as examiners/assessors).


1 Senior Research Students are defined as those who have successfully completed transfer from PRS status.