Annex K: Appointment of assessors

Forms for the appointment of assessors are available on WebLearn. Two different Supporting Information forms are provided: one for the appointment of postgraduate students as assessors, and one for the appointment of other non-Faculty members. The guidance below is intended to aid completion of the forms.

• Please do not list examiners (of the same examination) onto the Spreadsheet; only list assessors.

• Assessors should be Members of a Faculty/Department, in order that their academic standing can be easily recognised as being at a level where teaching and research is part of their paid role, and that they possess academic seniority over the candidates they will assess.

• In the event that a nominee is not a Member of a Faculty/Department, please complete the Supporting Information form for the appointment of non-Faculty members.

• Students are normally ineligible to act as assessors. However, Senior Research Students1 may sometimes be allowed to act as assessors. (This normally applies to undergraduate examinations only; students should only be appointed to mark postgraduate examinations in exceptional circumstances, and such nominees must have passed Confirmation in addition to Transfer of Status; see Annex H.) In general, the appointment of Senior Research Students as assessors will only be approved where the following criteria are met (noting that meeting such criteria will not automatically result in approval). Nominees to serve as assessors should:

o have teaching experience of the relevant paper;

o be employed as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, Teaching Associate, college tutor, or so forth;

o be closely mentored and supervised in their performance when assessing;

o receive any other appropriate training.

In addition, consent must be given by the paper setter and by the convenor of the subject teaching group.

Education Committee’s policy on this is reproduced in Annex H: Appointment of postgraduate students as assessors in taught-course examinations. The specific Supporting Information form for the appointment of postgraduate students as assessors must be completed, answering all questions.


1  Senior Research Students are defined as those who have successfully completed transfer from PRS status.